A Yearning For God

May 22 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 63:1-11

If you don’t have a longing for Christ then you need to take an inventory of your salvation. Once you begin to drop things of this world and make a commitment to God, you will being to grow closer to Him. Most of your living time is not spent for God. The very one a Christian will spend eternity with we chose to not be close to here on this earth.

First a foremost you must be born again.
Next, the devil will try to make anything come before God. Our flesh is a constant battle against the devil. Just as one travels away from home. Once you are away for an extended time you will begin to have a yearning to be back at home. Just the same with God.

Your yearning for God can’t be produced by your works. In fact, the more you yearn for God the more you will want to work for Him. If you’ve attended a church because you think He will be pleased with you then you’ve gone for the wrong reason. You should attend because you want to be close to Him.

When you are doing something for God you will go thru opposition. At times, you might find yourself in the wilderness but be not discouraged. The enemy is not your problem because the devil can’t touch you unless you let him. Secondly, the devil has already been judged and his eternity has been sealed.

We should want such a thirst for God that nothing can keep us out of His presence. What are you thirsty for? The spiritual man must battle the flesh. How many times do you sit in front of a TV? Watching TV or being entertained is not a sin until it gets in front of God.

Some of us have experienced God in our hearts and the excitement it brought. We should want to be in those Heavenly places and yearn for those times. We must crucify the flesh, and lay aside the weight of sin in order to have these experiences. Some look at it as I went to church Sunday morning so I’m good to go until next Sunday morning. Our bodies work with the way we eat, the more we eat the larger we get. The spiritual body works just the same. If you like a portion of food you will crave it and you will want it all the time. God should be no different.

How many times when you get into the wilderness do you just roll over like a fish that’s thrown on the bank. The flesh has yearnings just the same as your soul. Get outside in the middle of the heat and do a little work and you’ll quickly find out that you’ll yearn for water. Fasting during prayers. Replacing something the flesh yearns for God.

In general, life is good as long as things are going well. God is better than life itself. Where is your desire? If you’re lost then you have no idea what this desire is all about. You can’t know because that love is not in you.

A Christian’s responsibility is to praise God with our lips. Have you been holding out on God with your lips? In verse 4 David is making a commitment that while he’s alive he will continue to praise God.

If you live in the world you will quickly fill up on what the world has to offer. You’ll find that your belly (soul) will get full of that stuff (sin). Then when you do come to God your appetite is low for Him. You’ve got to get rid of that junk of the world before you can fill up on Jesus. Have you just stopped and taken some time to just meditate on God?