A Treasure in Jesus

November 21 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 4:7

There is something we can’t deal with and that’s death. One can’t control it or get around it. Another thing is answers. If you have questions that need answers, at any given time you can ask. God knows the right answers and will only give you the correct response. Many people spent hours and hours, and lots of money to become knowledgeable. Yet no matter how much learning they receive they will never be as smart as God. If you’ve been born again then you have the all-knowing living inside you. God has the power to heal and He has the power to raise the dead. He is our redeemer, our rescuer. This treasure lives inside the saved.

Once one realizes what another one has, they will want it. They will try to steal it yet God has full control over it and no one or nothing can steal it away. But, If you want it you can have it. You can have your OWN personal treasure, not someone else’s.

When death calls your name and it’s time for you to leave this earth before you can say they’ve passed the saved will be with God. Many people want this peace and they are willing to die for it. Many martyrs have died for Christ. In the Bible, Jesus tells us a story about a man that had found a pearl of great value. He decided to sell everything he had just to get this pearl. It profited him nothing.

If you’ve ever been born again and you allow the scum of the earth into your life it can smother your treasure and get it dirty. Is there anything in your life more important or better than Christ? We think there is because we think we need something more than we need Jesus. It’s downright dumb to trade anything instead of having the peace of Jesus. Many people are not able to get rid of their pride.

The things that don’t matter are the things that you have physically. Your cars, trucks, house, belongings, etc. What matters is what are you going to do about death? Death is eternal and everyone needs to make sure that once they die they need to know where they will be eternally. You’re either saved or lost, Heaven or Hell.

This great treasure wasn’t locked away in a bank but was placed in the saved person’s soul. God chose to place His great treasure in a body of corruption. He did this on purpose to point to Him. This means we are to forgive each other because the flesh isn’t perfect. Do you have this treasure?