A Revelation Not Decision

January 11, 2023

Scripture: Matthew 11:25-30

If it doesn’t bother you to live in sin then you’ve never been born again. You can’t live in sin and get away with it. There’s a lot of messages in churches going out of an easy believe-ism about if you do good then you’re alright. God has hide salvation from the wise and the prudent. If you think you can decide on being saved, you’re wrong. One can’t be saved until God reveals Himself to you. You can’t find God, He finds you. The greatest scientist on earth today is more than likely strangers to God. Salvation isn’t about a decision, it’s about a revelation. Repeating a prayer will not save a person. Unconverted believers. Those that think they are saved yet have never been invited to be saved. By the thousands they are all over this country. One can’t get someone to read their bible, attend church, or pray if they never been saved. A pig washed clean will return to the mud because it’s still a pig.

God hide salvation from the wise and Christ thanked Him for it. One must be broken, humbled to be saved, not proud or wise. One can’t just say a prayer and be saved just because they want to be saved. Salvation of Jesus Christ is exclusive to Himself. No one has any right to declare someone to be saved. If one thinks a preacher or someone saved them they are not saved. No one can know God until Jesus invites them. In Paul’s life he was doing what he knew he was supposed to do. He was on a mission one day to persecute and kill the Christians that would obey him. Paul was not looking for God. Jesus went looking for him. Jesus called him by name and told him what to do.

To be saved you must hear Jesus call your name, until He does you can’t be saved. You can’t go looking for Jesus. The Word of God says we don’t. If people were searching for God then they’d go to church to find Him. Look around, the churches are not full. Everyone will have a revelation from Jesus at some point; Titus 2:11.

The scripture is plain and simple that the only way one can be saved is only through Jesus Christ. How dare anyone have the audacity to declare someone is saved. Have you ever heard this said? How many of you don’t want to go to Hell? Children are usually the most honest and will quickly raise their hands. Then they will request for them to repeat a prayer and declare that they avoided Hell by saying something. One doesn’t get saved without Jesus. 1 John 4; we didn’t love God, He loved us first. One can’t love God until they have Christ in them.

If people really understood the offer of salvation the churches couldn’t contain them all.