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Take a Stand
Daniel 1:1-21 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Some people give their lives to their country to protect and provide freedom for their country. Spouses give to each other because of a union and of love. Most today are so confusing because they change and go back and forth on their stance of certain issues. Most are distracted by the ordinary and they lose the purpose. If one says they have to do something it's usually because of our own selfish desires. We must allow God to use us as an empty vessel. Is there not a cause, a purpose? Sacrifice, it's a cost that's involved when commitment is made. When one takes a stand for God, they are not alone. When it comes to the children of God there should be a difference between the rest of the world. We must make up our minds on which side we are going to stand on. We as Christians need to band together and fight for the common cause. Look deep inside yourself and ask the question why you either serve God entirely or on occasion. It's hard to get people to commit because most have their own agenda. What keeps you from getting closer to God? Whatever it is, it's a god and needs to be removed. Most church members rely on a handful of others to bring God to church for them. One must know the Word of God and be anchored in it. If God be for you, who could be against you? God is in full control and holds everything in His hands. If God is in full control then why do we doubt His commands? Will you take a stand on God beside yourself?
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 29, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
Do You Believe That God Can Do The Impossible?
James 5:16 (Part of the Revival 2013 series).
People have forgotten God. God will hold us all accountable for NOT spreading His Word to the rest of the world. When we stand in judgement we will be held accountable for our own sins, not each others. How long has it been that you've prayer as Daniel? If you had one prayer left, would you pray for yourself or for another? With God all things are possible. You must obey God and do what He says. You can't be disobedient and expect God to answer your prayers. Don't be afraid to witness to someone because of they way they look. God in Jesus name! The preachers job is to preach and feed the flock. The lay members job is to work in the church going out and bringing others in. How many folks have you won to The Lord? Have you wondered why some of your prayers are not answered? Satan is not in hell, he is here on earth. He will be cast into hell on the last day, but until then he walks among us. Don't give up on your prayers, keep praying and petitioning The Lord. God answers prayers in His time, not in ours. God isn't about numbers, there are some with high numbers but God isn't in them. If you've got an apple tree in your yard, not every year will it produce good apples. But in the end, it produced some good apples. If your saved, the devil must ask permission to touch you. Only God can take your life, not satan. Do you really believe in The Lord? Do you believe He's on the throne? If you believe, then you'll live it.
Preached by Jason Blair on June 16, 2013 (Revival).
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