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Precious, Jesus
Colossians 1:15-19 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
It's a proven fact the a man named Jesus existed. But if you start to ask if Jesus the Christ existed it begins a controversy. Jesus was in the beginning of time. Jesus is to be pre-emanant. When we talk we should be lifting up Christ whether by song, teaching, preaching or in our life. In order to show how loved Jesus is, we must love Him first. The most important thing about being saved is that we will be worshipping Jesus as He fully deserves. What makes people want to be saved? Jesus allows us to use situations to witness to others but how can you witness if you don't love Jesus? You can show up to church, sing in church, talk about Jesus but not have any true care about it. The biggest need for our community, church and lost need is lifting up Christ. It's easy to get discouraged. The only goal or focus should be to lift up Christ, nothing else matters. We can't judge our success by numbers. The more time you spend with Christ studying, talking, walking and being with Him, the more precious He will become to you.
Preached by Lucas Boring on August 13, 2014 (Wednesday).
Serving Through Promises
1 Timothy 1:11-13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We use the word "according" in our daily loves. Jesus is coming back soon. We know this by the Word of God. Whatever God gives you, use it for His will, not yours. What do you depend on to take you to heaven? Our lives are very short but always full of troubles. Just as the Jews refused Jesus, the world is just the same today. Can The Lord count on you to be faithful? Those that do not want to visit those that are sick or shut-in are not following the will of God. The Lord will provide if we trust Him.
Preached by Alvin Patton on November 10, 2013 (Sunday Morning).
Just Do What He Says
John 21:21-23 (Part of the 210th Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptist series).
We must be praying people. We must give of our time and our money. It's not the old law to tithe. Money should be given for the glory of God. We must be visiting others within the community. If your waiting to be told to go, then you are sinning.why do we not care that the lost are dying and going to hell. If you're a Christian and are not doing Gods work, then why do you go to church? If you don't have works to go with your faith, then your works are dead. You're either lost or need to repent if you're not working.
Preached by Rick Rutherford on October 13, 2012 (Association Morning 1).
Remove The Blinders!
John 9:1-41 (Part of the Spiritual Maturity series).
We are all born into the world a sinner. We cover ours eyes to the bad things in life because, out of sight, out of mind. People still need a "sign" to this day even during the time of Exodus. Without a vision the church (you) will perish.
Preached by Jeff Whitehead on July 29, 2012 (Sunday Evening).
What Does Jesus Mean To You?
Luke 18:35-43 (Part of the Communion Services series).
Ask and you shall receive. Are you saved? Has your name been written not in a church book. It in the Lambs book of life. Do you remember the day that you were saved?
Preached by Danny McKee on June 3, 2012 (Communion).
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