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Deal With It!
Colossians 3:1-9 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
The truth is the bible whether anyone wants to believe it or not. There are things that we all have problems lining up with. The things that separate us from Christ and the joys that behold Him are worldly and sinful. Col 3:5 We want to excuse ourselves of certain things just because we don't want to deal with those sins. The problem with a living sacrifice is that it keeps squirming and never sits still. We should stop fornicating. Fornication is sex at any measure outside of marriage. Uncleanness is lewd and unclean thoughts and should be repented of. Inordinate affections are vile desires, homosexuality. Evil concupiscence is evil lusts, murder. These four things are fleshly lusts. Covetousness is the lust of the eyes, love of the world. Theses things are often tied to the pride of life, anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, and filthy communication. Anger should always be taken care of and not dwelt on. Wrath is similar to anger and is a product of it. Wrath is somewhat you should have dealt with and usually requires forgiveness of the worldly enemy. Wraths revenge is malice. Blasphemy is speaking evil. The tongue is like the rudder of a large ship, it's small but turns the entire ship. Blasphemy and filthy communication is due to the anger, wrath and malice that comes out verbally. Our speech should be the one thing that when others hear it they know it's of Christ. God hates a lie because it's the opposite of truth. One might think, it's just a little white lie. One should be careful because if it doesn't line up with Gods Word, it's wrong whether you think it was little or not. One of the reasons why we should deal with the above sins, Col 3:6 those things are what a lost person does. If you're saved and do those things then you're living in sin and asking for Gods wrath because you're living a hypocrites life. The saved knows the difference between doing those sinful things and living in Gods love. If a person still wants the old stuff, then your lost. When you're saved you no longer desire the sinful nature because you're a new person in Christ.
Preached by Tommy Boring on September 4, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
The Lifestyle of Love
1 John 4:7-11 (Part of the Does He Abide Within? series).
We can't explain why God loves us. You can never be loved like God loves you. Love is not just a word. One can talk love all day but words are simply words. People will talk about the cloud of discouragement and depression that follow them. Romans 5:6-8 People that are lost often feel that God hates them and others. If we are Christians, we are required to love. Mat 22:24 We must love God with everything within us and then love others. There are only two rules for living a Christian life. Love God first and foremost. After that we are to love one another as we love ourselves. If we are loving God with everything within us, we shouldn't have a problem with loving others easily. When God was willing to forgive you, then we also are to forgive others. 1 Jon 4:20-21 We are to love our neighbors  if we love God. We are not only required to love but compelled to love. If Christ lives inside you then He compels you to love others. 1 John 3:17-18 If you walk by someone that is truly in need and you feel no need to help, then are you loving God and a Christian? We often feel that their are those that deserve to be unloved, but if it wasn't from God WE would've been in the same boat. If you feel that there's nothing much you can do for someone, PRAY for them. Christians should be willing to get dirty, get in the ditch to help a person in need. How many of Christians are living this way? Is your love active? If you've been able to get over being saved, then you likely haven't been saved. Most church attenders will leave the church and never look to spread love. 1 Cor 13:1-3 People struggle and give the excuse about, "I don't know what to say...". Don't worry about what to say, let God say it for you, through you. If love (God) isn't the motivator then what's it for?
Preached by Tommy Boring on October 19, 2014 (Sunday Morning).
Get Over It!
1 John 2:7-11 (Part of the Does He Abide Within? series).
We are to love with all of our heart. It's easier said than done at times. Love is an action. John 13:24 It's difficult to love everyone. 1 John 4:10 The challenge is to love those that are unlovable. The greatest example of love was when God gave His only son for our sin sacrifice. If you're born again, the love of God lives inside you. Christ loved us when we were sinners and so should we with others. The love of God goes beyond our normal way of thinking. Think about how you love your enemy. Would you want God to love you that way? If you've lived any length of time, you've had your love broken by someone. God loves ALL sinners, even the ones that hate you. If you can't love your enemy, you need to make sure that Gods love is truly in you. The flesh says, revenge is mine, but a Christian can't live that way. 1 Cor 13:4-8
Preached by Tommy Boring on September 14, 2014 (Sunday Morning).
Consequences For Denying God
Romans 1:18-32 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We live in a time where when the truth is told it is called a hate crime. God is in control and will always be in control. There is a price tag for living in rebellion against God. God hasn't changed His mind about how wicked sin is. Any sexual sin is an abomination against God. The ones that God has given up to their own sin, have no remorse for what they do. They do not see that they have sinned against an all holy God. If you are a Christian He will NEVER let you go. God created one man for one woman for one life. People don't want it Gods way, they want it their way. The scariest way to be is when God gives you up to your own self. The world says that it's ok to live in a sexually perverted way. Can God save a reprobate mind? The only thing God can't do is lie. A lot of people are prejudice. How could a serial killer continue to kill others and enjoy it. It's not because they are physically sick, it's because they have been turned over to themselves. Colossians 3:5
Preached by Tommy Boring on February 23, 2014 (Sunday Morning).
What Does He See In Me?
Romans 5:6-8 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
I was once like Barabbas, a sinner sentenced to death. But He set me free and continues to love me.
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 6, 2012 (Sunday Morning).
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