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It's a Family Matter
1 John 5:1-3 (Part of the Does He Abide Within? series).
We love one another because, it's a family matter. If you've been born again then you've been born of Jesus, the true love. There are many that are in the family that have been gone for a very long time. One can pick friends but you can't pick your family. Gal 6:10 We are to be good to those that are not good to you. Anya can love someone that loves back but we are to love those that don't want to be loved. The spirit of God will always a bring you to love one another. Often times we find ourselves feeling that we are in the right therefore not loving someone or saying sorry. Everyday the devil tries to destroy your relationship with another Christian. Mat 5:23-24 If you expect God to do something for you but have a grudge about someone, you must first remove the grudge. Mat 18:15 God doesn't allow fighting within His family. Luke 17:3 We are to forgive over and over. If you've been born again then you should love and forgive. God forgave you when you wasn't asking therefore you should forgive others.
Preached by Tommy Boring on November 12, 2014 (Wednesday).
The Lifestyle of Love
1 John 4:7-11 (Part of the Does He Abide Within? series).
We can't explain why God loves us. You can never be loved like God loves you. Love is not just a word. One can talk love all day but words are simply words. People will talk about the cloud of discouragement and depression that follow them. Romans 5:6-8 People that are lost often feel that God hates them and others. If we are Christians, we are required to love. Mat 22:24 We must love God with everything within us and then love others. There are only two rules for living a Christian life. Love God first and foremost. After that we are to love one another as we love ourselves. If we are loving God with everything within us, we shouldn't have a problem with loving others easily. When God was willing to forgive you, then we also are to forgive others. 1 Jon 4:20-21 We are to love our neighbors  if we love God. We are not only required to love but compelled to love. If Christ lives inside you then He compels you to love others. 1 John 3:17-18 If you walk by someone that is truly in need and you feel no need to help, then are you loving God and a Christian? We often feel that their are those that deserve to be unloved, but if it wasn't from God WE would've been in the same boat. If you feel that there's nothing much you can do for someone, PRAY for them. Christians should be willing to get dirty, get in the ditch to help a person in need. How many of Christians are living this way? Is your love active? If you've been able to get over being saved, then you likely haven't been saved. Most church attenders will leave the church and never look to spread love. 1 Cor 13:1-3 People struggle and give the excuse about, "I don't know what to say...". Don't worry about what to say, let God say it for you, through you. If love (God) isn't the motivator then what's it for?
Preached by Tommy Boring on October 19, 2014 (Sunday Morning).
The Ultimate Thirst Quencher
Isaiah 55:1-3 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Don't we as people get burdened down with the things of this life? The more that you love something, the more that you'll want to spend time with that thing. In order to be thirsty, effort must be made. God isn't looking for your money. God isn't looking for your talents or the lack of. If you are born again, you will always have a thirst for God. We spend a lot of time and money on things of this world that doesn't bring satisfaction to the soul. God will not reward you for where you worked in your life. If you divide your love with things and God, you're committing adultery. Don't give God your leftovers.
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 26, 2013 (Sunday Morning).
How Serious Are You?
Isaiah 55:1-5 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Serious was tearing the roof off when you couldn't get through the door. It was casting all you had of two mites. It was laying your head on a chopping block knowing it was over. We love a life of ease and pleasure. We expect a hand out without working. We are usually more concerned with our own flesh than others. Yet we expect God to save but we take our relationship with Him for granted. Have you ever thought about the crazy love that God has for you? The greatest commandment that God gave us was for us to love Him back with ALL our hearts. Is your heart divided? Do you realize that most of the things we do each day doesn't matter? When you truly love God, you will want to do what God tells you. People attend church and never feel or do anything but leave saying they served God. Do you love God more than food? Then go without it a day or two. Do you love Jesus more than entertainment? Did you look for your cell phone before you came to church tonight? How about your bible? How many things are more important to you than God? What if God told you He was going to take those things away? How bad do you really want God to move and be in your life? Relationships are closer if work is involved for each other. Are you working for God? Do you brush your teeth or take a shower longer than you read your bible? You can tell God all day long that you love Him, but never show it. Love is an action, show Him that you love Him. Do you love Jesus? Do you really? Is your love conditional, you need Him only when something is wrong in your life?
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 22, 2013 (Wednesday).
Going Through The Motions
1 John 2:3-11 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Gods love should change you if you are saved. It's not about you being right with the preacher, it's about you being right with God. God knows your condition even if you try to hide it from others. Once God gets done with your work, then He'll take you home. Until He takes you home, you have a work to do for Him. Love God with all your heart. Love your neighbor as God loves you. If you hate your neighbor then you hate God. Your love can impress a neighbor, but if it's not of Gods works then its wasted.
Preached by Tommy Boring on February 24, 2013 (Sunday Morning).
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