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The Lie
Genesis 3:1-6 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Sin started with a lie. The devil is nothing but a liar and will never tell the truth. Many have fallen prey to the devils lies. The devil doesn't have any power. The problem with the devils lies is that he will tell you what the flesh wants to hear. The first lie that he devil told was that Adam and Eve would not die. The next lie the devil told them was that the would be like gods knowing between good and evil. All other gods are nothing more than idols. There can be only one God. The devil can't make you do it because he has no power over you. We live in a world that people believe the lies of the devil everyday. The devil lies about God because he hates God. He will tell you that God doesn't love you or God doesn't care about you. He will also tell you that God can't. The devil lies about Gods Word. The devil even tried to twist the scripture to Jesus. He also lies about other people. He devil lies to all of us. God hates a lying tongue. A lie can't stand against a truth just as darkness can't stand against the light. Don't be bound down by a lie for the truth WILL set you free. The devil will tell you that no one wants you, loves you or cares about you. The truth is that God loved you before anyone ever knew you and gave His own Son for you.
Preached by Tommy Boring on November 10, 2013 (Sunday Evening).
God Is Not Your Santa Claus
Romans 12:1-2 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Sometimes we look at God as our benefit and He was created for our use. We usually give Him our leftovers. God has never asked of us that is not too much. Our entire life should be focused on God. You you've been saved, you're not even of yourself. Most of the time we as humans look to bettering ourselves and honoring ourselves. How many times do we tell God what we want? How serious do you take the bible? Just because you do not have a graven image before God doesn't mean that you do not worship other things before God. You should put God before your family, money, job, yourself, children, spouse, etc. Everything that you do that is NOT about God will ALL be burnt up and pass away. If you do not follow God, how are others going to know how to? You should desire to please God because it is what is required and reasonable. Serving God isn't optional. If you are saved, it's not an option. If you do not obey and do what God has called you to do, He will punish you. Do you ever wonder why you do not see Gods power? If you do not put God first, then you've started in the wrong place. We believe that God created everything and controls everything around us and they all obey, but when He gets to us, we say no.
Preached by Lucas Boring on August 18, 2013 (Sunday Evening).
The Gate To The Path
Matthew 7:13-14 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
To everything there is an opposite. A gate, which is a point of entrance or exit that keeps things in or out. There are many in this world that are too busy for God. The way is narrow to enter because we came into the world naked and we will leave naked as well. The narrow way is too small for some because they want it their way. The gate is always open and unlocked. God hasn't shut the gate yet. How many people have walked by the open gate? God will not force one through the gate. There is only one way that leads to God. Religion will not get you through the gate. The are many ways to get from point A to point B, but only ONE way to heaven. The gate is very wide and accepts all but the way is narrow and one must make a choice to follow Christ. Satan's gate is also wide but the path is also wide and very free to waver to and fro. Sometimes the narrow path is lonely at times, but God is always with you. We that are on the narrow path should have compassion for those on the path of destruction. Not everyone that goes to church is saved. Choose you this day the way that you will walk in......nevermind.
Preached by Tommy Boring on August 7, 2013 (Wednesday).
The Great Omission
Matthew 28:16-20 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
God will give you the power to do anything for Him. He has already made a way and prepared your path. It doesn't take just a preacher to make a disciple. The Word of God needs to be declared to the entire world. God said to send His Word to all the world. That is something that He commanded and we should be doing it. We are to teach to ALL nations not just to our local communities. There are some people that would give anything to have just a page from the bible to read. There is plenty of folks just in our backyard that need Jesus. Someone had to "preach" to you in order for you to be saved. It's unfortunate that there are multiple baptist churches, missionary, primitive, fundamental, independent, etc. Have you ever asked God what His will for you is? If you have and He has shown you, are you doing it?
Preached by Tommy Boring on August 4, 2013 (Sunday Evening).
How Do You Praise?
Psalm 138:1-3 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Praise has to come from the heart. If you're lost or backslid, you simple can not praise God. Half hearted praise will not be accepted. You must commit yourself to praise God with your whole heart. God should be flowing through you while you are praising Him. A lot of people have their own thoughts on what real praise is. It is perfectly ok to clap your hands in church. Shout a little and if you don't know what to say, say Amen. The bible never says that only a perfect singer should sing praises. A joyful noise is what He wants. Simply lift your hands and praise The Lord. A born again believer will be moved in the heart and will show that praise in some way.
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 1, 2013 (Wednesday).
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