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Believing Through Faith
(Part of the Miscellaneous series).
You'll never find your help in the world. You'll spend all you've got, money, time, work, love, health etc trying to fix your problems when all you need to do is go to the One that can. God is the only one that can fix your problems. Jesus has already lived your life of sorrow. He sees the shape that you're in and knows how to fix what ails you. You have to hear Jesus calling your name in order to experience His love. Once you have Jesus you'll want nothing else in this world. Have you heard about Jesus? Do you know the reason why Jesus came to earth and died a horrible death and rose again? Where it all begins is when you believe through faith.
Preached by James Willis on July 3, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
What If...
Luke 11:14-23 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There has always been a wicked spirit. If we could see the spiritual warfare around us, it would frighten us to see the demons in action. God doesn't need us to convince others of His work. We just declare the truth and pray for conviction. Luke 11:17 A house against itself will fall. If we let God do His work, He will purge us of every evil thing. When one begins to look for a spouse, one should look for one that is the same as you spiritually. All born again Christians should marry a Christian. God knows everything in our minds that we think and do not say aloud. We will stand before Him one day and give account to everything that we have done or not done. Many are trying to figure out if God is real or not, but there will be a day where He will make Himself real them. If you're young and God calls you to be saved, do it. The older you get the more satan puts barriers in your life to block God from you. What if you lived your life to the fullest and were a Christian and died and nothing happened after death? But what if God is real? What if? You're either saved or lost, no in between.
Preached by Tommy Boring on August 12, 2015 (Wednesday).
Simple Belief
Romans 5:12-15 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
People do not like to be told that they are sinners. You're not a sinner because you sin, you sin because you are a sinner. Our culture is told to tolerate sin however God does not tolerate sin, He hates it. If there is not guilt for sin in your life then you must ask if you've been born again. Religion will not purge your sin. Being a "good person" is also not a way to forgive sin. When the law of God speaks to us when we sin, we have no excuse. But many do not see sin. Romans 3:23, Gal 3:22, 1 John 1:8, we have all sinned and are therefore sinners. If it violates the Word of God then it makes it sin. There will not be any sin in Heaven, so how does a sinner get there? You must first have God speak to you to reveal to you that you are a sinner. Baptizing, sprinkling or dedicating someone when they are born will not remove their sins. One can't make God NOT love them. The penalty for sin is death, Romans 6:23. There must be a sacrifice of blood to cover sin, this was done at Calvary by Jesus Christ. The flesh is mortal and it dies daily and it is also sinful. Once you accept Jesus by asking for forgiveness for your sins He will come into you inward soul and remove the sin. If someone asks you, "Would you like to be saved?" You would certainly answer yes. Repeating a prayer from a person will not save you because it comes from a person and if God did not invite you, then you can't be saved. Did you know that the satan's demons and even satan himself believe there is a God? The only way to go to hell is to NOT believe in Jesus Christ. Not in the mind but in the heart. As believers we can get into a state where we stop repenting. This is were the flesh that remains sinful is not cleaned from sin. It must be cleaned and washed clean so that it doesn't mar the inward soul.
Preached by Tommy Boring on July 26, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
In Remembrance
(Part of the Communion Services series).
We've come together this weekend to make ready. We come together to remember what Christ did for us. Our Fathers love is no different for one as it is for another. He called us all to preach, share the gospel to the lost of the world. Why did Christ come to earth as a man, to save us all from sin. We must be ready, blemish free just as the unleavened bread, flour and water. When the water is mixed with the flour it becomes one body. Jesus said to watch and be ready, just as the second coming. Just as the bread had to be broken, so was Jesus' flesh broken. Jesus was beaten because He had to be for our sins, He had to suffer. He was beat because He took our chastisement of sin. During Jesus' time the people cried to crucify Jesus because they only serve one God and that was Caesar. Caesar represents the world today and the people of today want to serve the world. The wine represents the blood of Christ. In order for wine to be made it must be pure and it's also alive. It didn't take a drop of His blood but all of it to clean us of our sins. Jesus had to pay our sin debt all alone because God turned His back on Him because God can't look upon sin. People that die lost will suffer darkness and great pain. Those of us that are saved will never feel that because Jesus took that from our death. Our feet are not washed because they are dirty. The custom was to wash your feet when you enter a house. We wash feet because we are all servants to each other, to stay humble to each other.
Preached by Arnold Whitehead on June 6, 2015 (Communion).
In the Protection of Your House
Haggai 1:1-13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Mat 6:33 We should set our house in order. God wants to bless but He will not do that if there is sin in the camp. How many want the house of God to grow? How many are willing to look at the faults of ourselves and are willing to seek to mend them? We should be honest about our sins and willing to remove them, clean them. How many of us try to fulfill our flesh each day? We live in a country where we want our ear tickled, pats us on the back, tells us that we are doing ok, a version of the gospel that says we are ok. People live everyday serving themselves. Are you truly surrendering to Gods will? One can't live for two masters. We as America should turn our eyes from the devil and seek God. Each and every person when they die will lose everything in their fleshly grasp. How far down do you have to go before you realize that God is in control? Think about what you are doing. If you are doing things in the church that's great but if you are lacking love and what God is telling you, then it's just for waste. There are many churches in our country that are beautiful but God doesn't care about that. He wants the spiritual bodies of people to be beautifully built by God and a structure that declares God. If you've been saved, you've been employed to do Gods work and you've also been paid in advance. Psalm 37:35 We have a promise that God will always protect us.
Preached by Tommy Boring on March 4, 2015 (Wednesday).
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