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Faith Stealers (Part 2)
Hebrews 12:1 (Part of the Faith series).
The men of old were those that had nothing but faith to hold to because Jesus had not come yet. We have a helper and our faith is stronger because we have the promise because we know Christ came. If we just believe then all things are possible and we need to be faithful when we serve Him. We are to take inventory of the things that cause us to fall and weighs us down. Remove those things from our lives that causes our faith to fail. Our affections should not be to the things of this earth. The lust of the eyes and flesh is what weighs our faith down. There used to be a time when Wednesday night church service came, people stopped what they were doing and went to the church house. There isn't anything worth having if it stands between you and God. Getting rid of the chip on your shoulder towards someone is a great way to grow your faith. Their is a greater expectation on us that has lived after Christ was born because we have the Holy Ghost living in us. So not only are we to lay the lust aside, but we are to lay the sin away. Sin is an internal and also an external event. Internal sin is the lust, external sins are those that we should simply but a stop to doing. We have a book written for us that points out those sins, hinderances that those long ago didn't have. We allow all the hinderances to keep us from doing what Moses, Daniel, David, Abraham, all did. If we lay aside the weight and the sin then we can run the race for Christ. The enemy is constantly trying to slip a weight on us when we are trying to run with Christ. But not only are we to run the race, we must run it with patience, not as a sprint but as a marathon. Sprinting is simple a run with no obstacles in your way. Marathons contains obstacles and different types of runs up and down hill. The spirit of God can do anything thru you but what hinders it is the weight of the world and the sin in your life.
Preached by Tommy Boring on August 2, 2015 (Sunday Evening).
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