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Sermons (3)

Are You Ready
Matthew 25:1-13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
No man knows the hour or the day when Christ will come back. If you knew the day, what kind of person would you be? The influences that your fellow church members hold is a great deal to God and to others. All one has to do is to be ready. Just be ready to meet God with salvation. We as Christians are to be looking for His second coming. The unprepared are simply called foolish, for show. How many times do you enter into Gods presence unprepared? One must be called in order to be saved. The wise makes preparation doing all that's required. Acts 1:7 it doesn't matter if we knew the time or not in Christ's coming. Does the Holy Spirit truly dwell in you? The Word must be preached and it MUST cut or hurt when preached because it's to help and to reproof. It's sharper than any two edged sword. If it doesn't hurt, then it's not the Word of God that's being preached. 1 Tim 5:19 we should be cleaned and prepared. Is there anyone that you can think of that keeps their lamps trimmed and their vessel of oil? The wise put value into the oil that they had. It was needed, it was a must to have therefore they went prepared. The oil just as salvation can not be purchased, it's a gift and it must be given by only one person only. There will come a time when all preparation will come to an end but until then, get prepared.
Preached by Jeff Welshan on September 24, 2017 (Sunday Evening).
The Process of Humility
Matthew 18:1-6 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We can all be guilty with pride.  We should deal with it instead of making excuses for it. How often to we allow pride to cause us to act foolishly?  We find ourselves wanting to be higher than the next. The first thing we should know is that it doesn't matter where we come from, you will not get into Heaven based on that. There are people everywhere that think their goodness will get them into Heaven. Just as Jesus was humble during His abuse, we should also be the same. A lot can be learnt from small children. One is that they are dependent upon an adult or parent. We should be dependent upon God for He is our ONLY provider. Little children are void of malice, they will play with others no matter the other child. We as adults are not this way as we judge others and if someone crosses us we get angered. We are more concerned about, "me". Children are often in humility. When playing, they don't care who they are and are free thinkers. When we become adults we try to be something or someone that we are not. How can we humble ourselves? We must lose our lives to others and to God.the more humbled you become, the more God favors. If you choose not to humble yourself then God will cause you to be humbled. One way to humble yourself is to go back to the cross. Christ didn't deserve His death and scourging, but He did it for us ALL. Christ surrendered Himself for the will of another. So what happens when you live a humbled life? You will be abused and taken advantage of.
Preached by Tommy Boring on August 6, 2014 (Wednesday).
Worldly Sand And Spiritual Rocks
Matthew 7:24-27 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We are all building a house, working on a building. Whether you're lost or saved you are building a building. We all show what type of house we are building. They will be tried by God at some point to test the structure. Trouble will soon find you whether your lost or saved. If you've built your house on a firm foundation, your house will stand. The difference between the two buildings is that one is wise and the other a fool. It's not about how smart one is. There will be hundreds of people hear the true Word of God on this day but they will push it away and turn a deaf ear to it. Another difference is the foundation to which one builds their house on. One can't build anything on a weak structure, something that moves. Just because you're doing something good, working in a church, helping others, giving money, doesn't mean that your foundation is firm. When building a structure one doesn't just start building on the grass, you build below the top soil, on top of concrete footers. If you've built your house on the things of this world, you've choose foolishly and it will run out from under you. Don't be confused and labor all your life building on a shifting foundation. When you become saved God places you on top of His firm foundation of a rock. Being saved doesn't mean you may not slide all over that rock, stumble or get bruised up. It just means you will never fall off of the rock. The materials used are different between a lost and saved persons house. Gold, silver and precious stones must be worked for in order to obtain them. Wood, hay and stubble is easily had and is given freely. Satan shows us how easy it is to live in this world. Once we reach for it we realize how easy it was and continue to build a house of the world of objects from satan. Digging and studying in the bible is building your house with pure tried and true material. It requires one to wake up before anyone else just to study. Just because you are saved doesn't mean you can't decide to pick up the trash and junk of this world to build up your house. What you do for God will likely cost you, but in the end, your building will be tried and shown to be true. If you're thinking that you are just thankful for getting into heaven, your selfish and need to make sure your saved.
Preached by Tommy Boring on July 21, 2013 (Sunday Morning).
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