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An Attitude of Gratitude
Ephesians 5:8-20 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Giving thanks always for all things. There are some things we don't give thanks for cause we don't like them. So how can you give thanks for all things even the bad? We must understand and know that nothing touches us without it being ok'd by God first. Widows that's lost their loved ones that still lift their hands to say that God has been so good to them. There is plenty to complain about in this world in the flesh. There isn't a person that has not suffered. Those that suffer and are Christians discover that God helps them and is present in the sorrow. The lost will suffer alone and without God's help. Our problem is that we are afraid of Gods finest because it requires sorrow, purification and trials. But through them all, God is their and in full control. All things work to the goodness of God. The good stuff isn't usually just laying on the surface. What would you do if something bad happens to you? Prepare yourself for those things to happen. Put all your trust in the Lord.
Preached by Tommy Boring on December 30, 2015 (Wednesday).
Just Give It To Him
(Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Got a problem? Stop holding on to it, let God have it. Give it all to Him and don't pick it back up. Trust that He WILL take care of it.
Preached by Tommy Boring on November 29, 2015 (Sunday Evening).
Perfectly Holy
1 Peter 1:13-16 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
God has called us to be holy, perfect. Thinking of some items that should fixed up is our thoughts and options that have left God out of them. If you've declared to the world that you've been saved then the world is watching you. If you continue to act like the world then there is no difference and it contradicts God. Being holy means you're perfect. How do you win someone to Christ? Be holy. To be a sacrifice for God means they do whatever it takes and they lay their life down daily. If the world looks at you are they seeing Jesus? The world has already looked at Christians and called us hypocrites because we have failed at being holy. Stop playing around the with devil and his sins. We should all apologize to God and repent for all of the second hand worthless "sacrifices " that we've tried to give Him. Have you examined yourself lately to make sure you're right with God? Did you know that if you've been born again then you are the temple of God? Which temple are you? You're either a temple of God or of satan. All the things that we do down here, if they are not of God then they are wasted.
Preached by Tommy Boring on November 15, 2015 (Sunday Evening).
Afraid of Worship
(Part of the Miscellaneous series).
When was the last time you went into His chamber and danced? When do you go into His court and simply praise Him? Sell out to God and you'll find something greater than the world. How can you get enough of God out of one service to not want to come back on Sunday and Wednesday nights? When we look on every corner we've all got problems and the enemy stands against us, but God is for us and nothing can stand against God. Praise God for that! Seems like people back in the day were more apt to shout for God. When we step into the church house we step into a place of holiness. If shouting embarrasses you, you might be in the wrong place. Heaven will be full of shouting. We should all get to the point where the "can't help it"'s take over. We worry about things when we shouldn't. Nothing can touch you until it goes through God first. Sunday's are not the only time to rest and experience God. We can all experience God at anytime that we lay ourselves down and lift up His name. What hinders us is others and what they may think of us.
Preached by Tommy Boring on January 4, 2015 (Sunday Evening).
The Light is Either On or Off
1 John 1:5-7 (Part of the Does He Abide Within? series).
God is the Light. Wherever Jesus Christ is, there is light. Darkness must flee when light is shown. Jesus is brighter than the sun itself. People get confused that they can live one day one way and the next another way. We as Christians need to be bringing the Light to the world. Once one becomes saved darkness moves out and the Light moves in. Take the frown off your face if God lives in you. People think that knowing Jesus or being saved is church attendance, knowing someone like the pastor or their grandparents or having their name on a church role. If you've never been born again by Jesus Christ then you don't know what the Light is. The devil tries to pull everyone down but regardless of that he can never touch the Light of God. There's been people that just want to give up on life but if you're one of His, He will see you through it. Stop whining and crying about your problems and tell your problems about God. If your desire is to walk in darkness then you're not a child of God yet. The first thing that God created is light. When He said it, it was. There is not a confusion between light and dark, saved and lost. There is a difference between a profession of faith and a possession of faith. Mat 5:14-16 If the Light is really in you then you WILL walk in the Light. No matter where you go He will Light your path. It's not about what you know in the bible and how to speak it to someone, just show up in the room. If the Light is in you then we as Christians make up the city that is on the hill for everyone to see. God just wants us to be the one to hold the candle stick up. He doesn't want us to create the light because we can't. All God wants us to do is to just walk in the Light. If we as Christians walk in the Light then we will bare witness with one another. We also have the blood of Jesus to cleans all of our sins.
Preached by Tommy Boring on September 3, 2014 (Wednesday).
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