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Who Are You Following?
Joshua 3:1-17 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Many of movies have been made about the ark of the covenant, searching for it. We don’t know if the ark is still in existence or not. The ark is a representation of something to come later in time. The ark was covered in pure gold including the poles in which they used to carry it. On top of it was two cherubs also made of solid gold. Also on the top was a mercy seat where the priest would offer the blood of the animals to God. The ark also contained some things. It had the Ten Commandments, the law. We have the fulfillment of the law, they just had the law and the law only. There was also manna in the ark, the very substance that kept the Israelites alive. We have the living provision not just for the flesh but for the soul. Lastly they staff of Aaron which bloomed. They had an image of something but we have the real. Now just for them when they had the ark, it would become the most important thing in their life. For us, it’s Christ and without Him we are nothing. Joshua 3:3 This is the direction to follow. Christ also stated to us to follow Him. We can’t get ahead of Him without following and let Him lead. Joshua 3:4 It was instructed that they must stay a certain distance back from the ark. This was so that all eyes could see it and know where to go. One can’t follow something that can’t be seen. How many of you know the directions to Heaven? We don’t know our journey but, Christ does. Keep Him in front of you. Joshua 3:5 They were instructed to clean themselves. They had to be prepared and just as they were instructed we are also instructed to stay prepared. We should always stay prepared for Gods wonders. All one has to do to see Gods wonders is to keep ourselves clean, prepared. Joshua 3:11 In this time just as today, there are many gods. People worship all kinds of things and those things have no power. There is only one God and He is the god of everything. Joshua 3:15-17 Remember the ark is Christ and the Jordan is something they can’t cross alone, death. They were instructed to simply go to the edge of Jordan and simply put the tip of their toe in it. Once that took place, then the Jordan dried up in that one spot. They then took the ark to the middle of the dried of Jordan and stopped and allowed everyone to pass thru Jordan as it was dry. It’s stated they walked thru dry ground, not muddy. We will all experience death. All one has to do is just touch it and Christ takes it from there. Christ takes over because He’s already crossed over and knows the way.
Preached by Tommy Boring on July 1, 2020 (Wednesday).
Ignorance to Righteousness
Romans 10:1-10 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Anyone should recognize that in this day and time that we live that people have turned away from God. Not just in the cities and the turmoil that is happening but in our own church. God could call this thing to an end and He would be 100% right in doing so. There is nothing that needs to take place before He comes because it’s all been fulfilled. The number one problem is that there are still people that are lost. This world is filled with places like ours, called a church where people meet and assemble. Within these buildings there are many that sit and claim a salvation but it’s not of Gods that they are saved by but their own. People no longer fear God. In biblical times we know the story surrounding Moses and the people went around and followed his laws. They had a zeal of God but they didn’t truly know Him. They just went thru the actions. Every Sunday they sit and stare with blank eyes. There is no amount of actions that can take place to make them to move because it’ll have to be them realizing they’ve been fooled. There are many that have heard the gospel so much that they have grown hard to it. You will NOT go to Heaven if you’ve not been saved. One MUST be born again to go to Heaven. It’s a simple gospel. There is not a single person that can look at another and know that they’ve been saved or not. Many walk around and have a form of godliness. Many are those claim to be great theologians and yet they spread false religions. We have a responsibility to warn those of the truth. One can’t beat it into their heart in fact one can cause more harm than good doing so. With love is the only way to warn others. If you can’t warn without love then you should keep your mouth shut. From the day you were conceived you took on the sin of the human. If you started today and began to live a completely sin free life, you would still not get into Heaven. You can’t do anything about your past that was full of sin. There will be absolutely no sin in Heaven. You can ask anyone if they are a sinner and they will begin to struggle with the answer. They begin to compare themselves to someone that is worse at sinning then they are. People can’t submit to God because they don’t understand, they are ignorant to the righteousness of God. They’ve been deceived by the religious talks of false doctrines. Flesh is not perfect and never will be. That means the flesh can’t enter into Heaven. The soul, a spiritual part of the human body is the only part that can go into Heaven, but, only if it has been saved by Christ.
Preached by Tommy Boring on June 17, 2020 (Wednesday).
The Essentials of the Christian Life
1 Corinthians 13:13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Social distancing. Keep yourself 6 feet away or further from another. Shelter at home or safer at home. Just means to stay at home as much as you can. We hear these terms a lot here lately and are things that we’ve not heard about before. But one term that stuck is the word essential. The leaders decided what was essential during this time. Businesses were forced to close while other could remain open just because they were declared essential or not. The Essentials of the Christian Life Everyday when we wake we know that there are things that are essential. Now God news the very thing that you need. Others are watching and looking at you and wanting to see hope. Galatians 5:22-23 Love, Joy, Peace, Long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. A peach tree produces peaches and peaches only. It can’t bear apples because it’s not an apple tree. Just the same as a Christian. A lot of folks call themselves Christians but if what comes out of you is NOT Christian then you are confused. Those wonder why they can’t live like they think a Christian should. Those are trying to produce something that they simply can’t because they are missing the most important at part, being saved. Christians are often pruned in order to bear more fruit and they are loved. A Christian doesn’t have to work to produce their fruit. Just as a peach tree, at times it will produce a fruit that may have a worm, or be bruised but it’s still a peach. It will not produce an apple. The Holy Spirit knows nothing but to work in a Christian and therefore produce the fruit. We but just the tree, He pushes out the fruit. Faith, hope, and charity, those three abide within a Christian. But the greatest is charity. There are essentials in a Christian life. Faith Faith is the evidence of things unseen. We know the wind blows but you can’t see it. But the evidence that it’s there is because we see the wind moving things. As a Christian your faith should always be growing. God always helps with those things that you can’t see, He helps your unbelief. But, we have to be a useable tool, we must focus upon Him. We are still learning to allowing Him to be in control. Faith is Essential! Faith without works is dead. What is the works? In the story of Abraham we see that God told him to take his son to be sacrificed. The works was Abraham following thru with it and obeying God. When God told Moses to stand still and watch Him work. If Moses did stand still then God couldn’t work. Moses making a choice to stand still was his works. Where is your faith? Hope Faith and hope go together. The very things that of your faith is your hope. For a Christian, Christ is the object of our hope. Our bible, we believe it to be truth, the Word of God, the object of hope is written within it’s pages. Now in this book we read of place, Heaven. Our faith in the object, Heaven gives us our hope isn’t Heaven. Romans 8:24, seek your hope if you’re a struggling Christian. People without hope become depressed, negative, and rough. They’ve allowed things of this world to interfere with their Spirit. Job’s wife told him to curse God and get it over with when he had lost everything in his life. Job while in his pain told his wife that she talked like a foolish woman. He knew the hope because he had faith. He stated, if a man die will he live again to which he responded to himself and stated yes. The world has faith but they don’t have Christ. They have the ability to believe, it’s what they believe in that’s wrong. Love Love is simply charity. Christ is the ultimate charity giver as He gave His life for the lost. He is Agape love, a love that not because of but in spite of. John 3:16, same love. In 1 John we know that God IS love. Love is something that we can’t understand. Loves goes further than we will ever know. From the beginning God gave the commandment that you should love God with everything within you. One should also love their neighbor as themselves. All of the other 8 commandments could be covered with just those 2 commandments. You first thought in the morning when you wake should always be to love God and then love your neighbor. As a Christian, one of the things that should come easy is to love God and neighbors. God is always helping with the loving. Essential to the Christians life, faith, hope, and love. Do you struggle with doing those things?
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 13, 2020 (Wednesday).
I've Never Been Worthy!
Luke 15:11-24 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
First and foremost, if you think you’ve gone too far and God doesn’t love you, you’re wrong. Now in this story of this rebellious youth, we see that once he realized that he had hit his brick wall, he wanted to go back. Was this youth saved or lost? Well, in this story it’s not clearly stated but the youth knew he had a father. A lost person denies the fact that they have a father, a savior. We’ve likely heard a lot of stories about the prodigal son, about him coming back. But what we want you to see is that once he came to his senses, he thought he was unworthy of his fathers love. Now in our lives we all know of people where they’ve been in a desperate place where they’ve “spent it all” in the world. Some have continued in that path, but other have turned back and went to their fathers house. How many of you have ever felt the weight of the sinful shame you’ve created? You realize that there are none worthy of Gods love. We are a constant sinner regardless of our situation. John the Baptist that had nothing knew that he was nothing compared to Jesus. He was completely humbled by Jesus. This story we see that this youth walked into the city with pride, riches, and knowing he had a father that loved him and gave him what he wanted. But, with humility he walked back home in his own shame. Once he got home his father looked beyond his sons wrongdoings. His son still felt the guilt and shame but his father pushed it aside. The world wants one to think they can just go thru the motions while at church but when it’s in your heart, that’s the problem. There’s never been a day that you should boast about yourself and what you think you’re worthy of. Don’t be ashamed to come to God, but, if you feel shame for what you’ve done, then you’re on the right track towards God. Keep walking towards Him. In one story we read about a woman that was on a mission. She broke customs and went into a room filled with men, removed her head covering and washed Jesus’ feet. We see that she didn’t bring water but used her very tears while she wept in her humbleness. We also see that she made it a point that she wasn’t taking nothing back cause she broke that container that held ALL of the anointing oils. Being born again is not based on our works or our worth. Paul stated that he was the chief of sinners and yet did a lot of amazing things. Where does that leave you, us? Peter thought he was worth it. But Jesus began to explain the details of what marks he missed. Never treated him, customary kiss, washed his feet, yet this woman had not stopped as soon as Jesus walked in. We live in a culture where people want a pat on the back for thinking they done good things, a self righteous generation. The only one that is worthy is Jesus Christ. He did everything for you.
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 6, 2020 (Wednesday).
The Chosen Generation
(Part of the Miscellaneous series).
God is trying to do a work. he doesn’t come in to mess things up. We believe that The bars, the ball games, the sports have all been shutdown. God has given us the opportunity to hit the reset button. It’s time for God’s people to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways. He wasn’t talking to the lost, He was talking to the saved! We are the chosen generation. We don’t need a local revival, we need one that goes all the way to the top. One might say that we are in some type of trouble, but in the Bible it says we ARE the chosen generation. In the book of Esther it plainly states that we are a chosen generation. Stand firm! Stand strong! It’s not just to the preachers but also to the lay members, the singers, the deacons, etc. Now Esther went to the king and no one was to go to the king unless they were first called. God has this What we think is a mess, in His hand. Esther told them and herself to fast. Why, because she was afraid, but she humbled herself. Then she began to fast, not fasting from fast food, Facebook or social media, but to seek after God’s face and stopped eating. They were seeking an answer. This is not just for now but for your future. This is for your future people to be able to come back and sing to God. In Rev 1:6 it states that we would be priests and kings. We are to go out and be Gods hand and feet. We’ve also been equipped for this. 1 Peter 2:9 We as a saved people are a peculiar bunch of folks. Why does the preacher act the way they do? Because they are saved and bought with a price. Don’t miss it! There are battles that go on with the devils but keep in mind that it’s not about you but praising God. Praise Him for saving your soul. He’s always on your side and an advocate. He’s good in the battle when you’re losing and He’s good when you’re winning. It’s not about you! John 17:9, we ought to be a peculiar people and shout the praises even when it’s hard. You might think think you’re not a preacher, teacher, or a type of leader but if you’re a child of God then He has CALLED YOU!. Church, we are here for a purpose. It’s time that we be about His business, be peculiar and work for Him. Praise him in the grocery store, praise Him in the car, praise him in Wal-Mart. He has called you to do His work, give Him glory. There might be struggles in your life, but the battle can’t be won without God. He’s the light in your darkness. He’s the way, truth, and the light.
Preached by Thomas Vananda on April 29, 2020 (Wednesday).
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