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Going Thru The Motions
John 4:11-26 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
In the scripture we see in John 4:23-24 that people worship falsely. Understand that Jesus told us that it’s not where you worship but how. Jesus was making a new and living way of worship. No longer would they have to go to a certain place at a certain time and sacrifice a certain animal. Now everything that happened before Christ was just a shadow of things to come. It was paving the way for Christ. All those traditions and sacrificial items where all a representation of the One to come. In our own church we certainly have true worshippers, however we also have false ones. Jesus is a Spirit, He is THE spirit therefore we must worship Him thru spiritual means. Had created humans to be different than the animals as humans are the only living creature that has a soul. So when we worship God we must worship Him from the heart, soul. The opposite of the spirit is the flesh. In music a person can do it either way, spirit of flesh. One can play or sing their heart out without a single honor of God. You might be able to sing like bird but if you can sing Jesus Loves Me and clip your nails at the same time there’s a miss. In truth one must also worship. Just the same with the spirit, God is also Truth and therefore we must worship Him in truth. Hebrews 9:24, traditions, emblems and even actions, if they are not of God then they are not true. Before Christ, the priests were given rules and items on how to worship. During that time these things were required and were God given, in other words, they were Holy and true. They were not wrong and were held in the highest regard and honor. Then, when Christ came He changed all of that. No longer are those things are in the past and the true worshipper must worship in spirit and truth. Truth is about not letting anything in the way of worship. If you’re not worshipping God from the heart then you missed it. One shouldn’t sing the hymnals because they know them but sing as an offering unto God. Being a member or visiting New Providence because they have a great song leader is not worship. Going because of something other than honoring Christ is sinful and not worship. We often hear it asked, “What’s my purpose in life?” The answer is simple, it’s not about you but about Him. You were created to honor God.
Preached by Tommy Boring on March 1, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
Jesus Kept His Scars
John 20:19-29 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We read that when we as believers in Christ die, we are to receive a new body. A glorified body that is without blemish. However, in this reading we see that Jesus died and went to Heaven. He then returned and kept the scars of His death. There are two things about scars. One type of scar is physical yet others are hidden. Scars are reminders of former hurts. Most physical scars when they begin came with a great deal of pain. Some scars are by accidents and others are on purpose. Either way, they are a reminder of things that were in the past. Physical scars, the pain is also physical and that pain usually goes away in time. Internal scars are things that are hidden but cause one to suffer usually a long time. Physical scars are created quickly, but the hurt also quickly goes away. Internal scars if left alone will fester and begin to grow into a horrible infection. Sometimes these scars can be hidden very well with a smile or laughter. These scars are tied to a memory that never been taken care of. God is able to take those memories. He is able to take care of them in the blink of an eye. Sometimes He will take care of them but will require you to walk a down path of experiences in order for you to be healed. You wound will either take you or break you. If you allow the wound to fester and grow then you will have to make a choice between living and asking God to be the doctor to that wound or giving into the devil and end your life. Don’t let the devil have control of your life and wound you more. Hebrews 4:15; Don’t ever think that Jesus doesn’t know what suffering you’re going thru. Jesus had His own father turn His back on Him. Jesus was sinless up until His death. He took upon Himself ALL the sins of the world from then until the end of time.
Preached by Tommy Boring on January 12, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
Do You Believe In God?
John 3:1-22 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
In this story we see that Jesus knew the condition of Nicodemus’ heart. He knew what was going to happen and how it was going to end. Nicodemus knew God but he didn’t believe on Jesus. This happens in todays time all over. Many of people know there is a god and will boldly claim they know god or even Jesus. But they don’t know them thru a personal relationship of salvation. The spirit has to be manifest in you. You can’t be born again unless you’ve been called by the spirit of God. When Jesus for you to be saved, you will more than likely remember the time and quit possibly the place. Also in most times, you will not know when it’s coming and you won’t know when it will leave. It’s just like the breeze that blows. You can’t see it and you don’t know where it comes from. Sometimes the spirit of God has to challenge us. It has to do this because it keeps us in check. There are preachers standing in pulpits trying their best to show you who the Son of God is and yet people sit and will not know. God loved us so much that He sent His only son to this world. He wasn’t sent to condemn the world. Those that don’t believe condemn themselves. All we would have to do is to believe in Him. Why don’t people want to believe in Jesus? Because it’s natural for people to love evil. People do things usually because they want something in return, greed. It’s easy to say and to think there is a god. It’s easy to say that you’re a good person. If God is all loving then He won’t send you to Hell. If you’re one of those that says that, then your deeds are evil and you can’t admit that they are. If you choose that at the time of your death then you have made your own decision to live in Hell for eternity. Christ came and died for you because He loves you. God made a way of escape and you must choose it in order to go to Heaven. Salvation is a personal thing. The day that He convicts you of your sins, it becomes personal. He comes to you and speaks to you. You may have attended church all your life and never seen Jesus as being lifted up. This might be your time, it might be that Jesus is calling your name.
Preached by Bruce Whitehead on September 29, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Through The Eyes Of A Blind Man
John 9:1-41 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There are many that find that the only way to Heaven is Jesus. Many of cults and religions find it offensive that there is but only one way. Now the story of the blind man has several points but we will focus on just two. The church didn't know this blind man that lived in their own community. The first thing they did was to challenge who Jesus was saying the He wasn't of God. Jesus Christ was God incarnate. There are religions out there today that claim that Jesus was just a man as you and I. The second statement was that Jesus Christ was a sinner because He did this act on a sabbath day. The blind man could see who Jesus Christ is but the church could not. The blind man asked the church to prove themselves in Moses' law where a person received their sight. There was only one person that could heal a person that was born blind and that was Jesus Christ, God. There is only one prayer that God will hear from a sinner and is the prayer of forgiveness of their sins to be saved. A lot of sinners pray but they waste their time and breath because God will not hear them because they are not His. Christ was sinless and on the cross He took upon all the sins of the world become a sacrifice for us all that would be live in on Him.
Preached by Tommy Boring on February 10, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Will You Believe In Jesus Christ
John 6:53-59 (Part of the Communion Services series).
Jesus was God in the flesh. Many don't want to accept the fact that Jesus is God in the flesh. They view Him as just a simple man. Jesus Christ is part of the third part of the Godhead. Unless you accept Jesus Christ as whom He is, you may have NO part of Him. All one has to do is just believe. The communion service is just a representation of the broken flesh and bitter blood of Jesus Christ. When one partakes of the bread and wine they are saying that they accept Christ as being the Son of God. The only restrictions that we as our church has on the communion is that one must be born again to partake of it. Jesus was born of a virgin, He walked sinless on earth and He was sacrificed for our sins. There has been NO other person that's done that. It's simple, one must believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He is the only way to Salvation.
Preached by Bruce Whitehead on June 3, 2018 (Sunday Evening).
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