Keep Your Nets Mended (Matthew 4:17-22)

Billy Hearon, September 10, 2019
Part of the Revival 2019 series, preached at a Revival service

In verse 17 we see Jesus’ first message. It was simply repent. No religion was given, only that all should repent.

The church is the fisherman. The church reach out time and time again, praying an inviting and yet we at times comes back what seems like empty handed. But, don’t be weary in doing because Jesus is on our side.

Just as fishers of the day, they labored to pull their nets, hoping to have a full net. At times they had to mend their nets, so should we. We should repent and keep our nets in good shape, keep our lives clean and mended towards God.

The fishers left what they knew, they stopped fishing and followed Jesus. They surrendered what they did and followed after Him like it was nothing to them to just stop what they were doing. How many times have you been fishing on the wrong side of the boat? Out there in the world looking for something to give you joy or happiness.

There are many that are called to do the work of Jesus but very few are chosen. Once born again we are ALL in it together. Satan wants to destroy all of us no matter what your calling is.

Have you ever noticed that when you talk to someone and then they state that someone saved them? Not a single person can save another soul. Only Jesus can save, He’s the only way, truth and life.

How many times have you reasoned with God? Simply pouring your heart out to Him. Having communion with Him and not the grape juice of holy wafers communion. You can pray to God with elegant words that tickles others ears but God isn’t impressed with articulate tongues. He wants your heart the way it is now without doctoring it up.

So when your nets get torn or dirty listen to that still small voice. He warns us that it needs mended. Surrender and repent to allow Him to fix your heart.

Self was dealt with on Sunday night.
Monday night was getting the smoke out your eyes.
Tonight we are dealing with mending our nets.

It’s NOT what you can do for Christ but what Christ can do for you! We often get that backwards thinking we should be doing something for Christ. Christ didn’t halfway die for you, He went all the way.


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