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In Remembrance ()

Arnold WhiteheadArnold Whitehead, June 6, 2015
Part of the Communion Services series, preached at a Communion service

We've come together this weekend to make ready. We come together to remember what Christ did for us. Our Fathers love is no different for one as it is for another. He called us all to preach, share the gospel to the lost of the world. Why did Christ come to earth as a man, to save us all from sin. We must be ready, blemish free just as the unleavened bread, flour and water. When the water is mixed with the flour it becomes one body. Jesus said to watch and be ready, just as the second coming. Just as the bread had to be broken, so was Jesus' flesh broken. Jesus was beaten because He had to be for our sins, He had to suffer. He was beat because He took our chastisement of sin. During Jesus' time the people cried to crucify Jesus because they only serve one God and that was Caesar. Caesar represents the world today and the people of today want to serve the world. The wine represents the blood of Christ. In order for wine to be made it must be pure and it's also alive. It didn't take a drop of His blood but all of it to clean us of our sins. Jesus had to pay our sin debt all alone because God turned His back on Him because God can't look upon sin. People that die lost will suffer darkness and great pain. Those of us that are saved will never feel that because Jesus took that from our death. Our feet are not washed because they are dirty. The custom was to wash your feet when you enter a house. We wash feet because we are all servants to each other, to stay humble to each other.

Tags: Blood of Christ, Chastening, Children, Communion, Covenant, Cross, Crucifixion, Darkness, Death, Deliver, Deliverance, Enemy, Fathers, Flesh, Hell, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Lamb of God, Lost, Love, Passover, Preachers, Preaching, Resurrection, Sacrifices, Second Coming, Sin & Sinners, Suffering, Ungodliness, Wine, Worldliness, Worldly Things

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