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The Simplicity of God ()

Bo ThomasBo Thomas, June 5, 2015
Part of the Communion Services series, preached at a Communion service

We live in a time where people are confused, but God is simple. There are many beliefs, denominations and most are fake. God turned a rod into a snake and back again. God made a hand turn to leprosy and back again. God fed the thousands with just a few fish and bread. If we just stand and declare that God is God, He will work through us. Some say it's complicated to get saved but it's as simple as accepting Christ. Foot washing service is simple, you just have to believe in the Gospel. People have been healed, saved, restored and all of these things are simple for God to accomplish. We will believe man but have a hard time believing God. Some feel that it's not needed to attend a church. Church is a necessity in your life and God said so. We should all pray over our meals because He is the one that provided it, not Krogers. Everything in our lives should glorify God and nothing else. Hebrews 12:1-2 We should sit and talk to Jesus just like we would our best friend. Some have a problem getting to church service on time but they will not be late to work. Have you ever thought how God simply spoke the world into existence?

Tags: Believe, Born Again, Church Attendance, Communion, Creation, Denominations, False Religion, Flesh, Food, God, Lies, Salvation, Teaching, Thankfulness

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