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Almost ()

Jason BlairJason Blair, June 18, 2013
Part of the Revival 2013 series, preached at a Revival service

Almost means nearly or very close. It is an excuse.
God has given us a right mind.
God rewards faithfulness.
Salvation is not about what you do.
Exam yourself to know whether or not you've been saved.
You should have an affirmation of your salvation.
You should respond to the call.
He will finish any work he has started. He is looking for a willing vessel.
Confession is good for the soul!
You are held accountable for what you know.
If you will draw nigh to The Lord, he will draw nigh to you.
God is cultivating your heart.
He makes his abode on the inside.
Do you have a desire to follow The Lord?
You aren't doing God any favors. It's not about"I" it's about him.
The church is spiraling upward.
The Lord gives power and sound mind not fear.
Even in your failures and mistakes, you can't fall away from his grace.
The law is written on your heart.
Forsake all to follow him!
If you are right with God you can be right with anyone.
You won't continue in sin.
Flee from even the appearance of sin.
Life and death is right before you and all you have to do is be saved.
You aren't alone and he wants to give you all he has to offer. But, you have to let go and run to The Lord.
You are begotten by the word.
You can't serve God if you are not right with your brother.
Love is where it's at.
Today is the day to proclaim the gospel.
Just let go and sell out!
All you have to do is come and dine.
Persecution is coming.
If you listen to the devil you will walk a mile with him before you realize it.
Does what you have, have spiritual value?
Do you have a counterfeit?
If it didn't cost you something it probably wasn't worth anything.
Are you changing? Or are you stagnant?
Almost thou persuadest me...
You know the truth.

Tags: Acceptable Clothing, Addiction, Anger, Answers, Antichrist, Baptism, Believe, Blessed, Change, Children of God, Christians, Church, Clothing, Confession, Control, Death, Deception, Desire, Enemy, Faith, False Prophets, Family & Children, Following, Free, Fruit of the Spirit, Give, Grace, Health, Heart, Homosexuality, Judgment, Law, Life, Lost, Love, Loved, Materialism, Modesty, Money, Music, Obedience, Persecution, Possessions, Preachers, Pride, Problems, Provider, Religion, Revival, Riches, Salvation, Sin & Sinners, Sodomy, Stewardship, Television, Time, Tithes, Tradition, Troubled, Truth, Ungodliness, Visions, Willing, Worldly Things

About Jason Blair: Jason has been called into the ministry since May 19, 2001. He resides in Maryville with his wife, Sherri and has two children, Jessica and Hunter.

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