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You Must Be Born Again
Hebrews 2:1-41 (Part of the Revival 2019 series).
The church has been preached to during this revival up until tonight. Many a people attend church to pretend they are one of the saved. They go thru the motions but they are lost. Satan can and will fool you and therefore you can fool others thinking you’re okay. There is nothing you can do to work your way into Heaven or unto salvation. Being good will get you the best seat in Hell. Satan will try his best to make you doubt anything and everything related to God. This is the reason as to why we should root ourselves into the word of God. We the church should take all of the testimonies we’ve heard especially the ones during the revival and hold them as golden nuggets. During your time of despair think back on those nuggets of joy. The lost. We were ALL born into sin by a sinner. The wages of sin is death and there is no escaping it. The flesh is going to die and there is nothing that can stop it. Some of you only have a form of religion and this form is nothing but being lost. Religion will bust Hell wide open. So how can you escape Hell? You can’t other than being born again. Salvation is so easy that even little kids can understand it. Adults have a harder time because we want to reason and debate. Stop trying to fit in with other people and ask Jesus to save your soul. The high will leave you at some point with drugs and alcohol. Your friends will leave you at some point in your life. Jesus Christ will NEVER leave you. Just turn lose and let God grab ahold of your life! There will come a day that one day you WILL confess God as Lord. Don’t wait till you’re dead cause it’ll be too late then, Hell will be your eternity. God knows everything about you and what you’ve done and going to do. You hold no secrets from Him. Stop and think about His miracles. God loves you regardless of yourself that He wakes you up each day. You have no control over your body. We don’t deserve any of it. It’s a gift of God to have food in your fridge. It’s a gift of God to be able to see, walk, breathe, etc. We don’t deserve any of it!
Preached by Billy Hearon on September 15, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Sober Minded Christian
Romans 7:24-25 (Part of the Revival 2019 series).
The mind is a very complicated thing to get lined up with Gods Word. We stress about others, we worry about things and constantly struggle with the flesh and spiritual. Your heart might be into God 100% but where is your mind? We are our own worst enemy. Sin is sin. It was wrong then and it’s still wrong today. One can’t be comfortable in sin and be saved. It’s never been about you and never will be. It’s all about Jesus Christ! You want to feel free, give it to Jesus. When God does something in you it’s something that nothing else can compare. Your only help comes from above, Jesus. Romans 8:1; If you’ve been saved then your soul is saved. Your mind is still flesh and fights with sin every second. Romans 8:6; If you start feeding your mind then you’ll surely end in death whether in spiritual or physical. It’s a choice with free will on whom you will serve, the spirit or flesh. Christians must have a sober mind. This is not referring to being drunk. Skip one service and then the flesh will take over. Then there’s the second service you’ll skip, then the third, forth, fifth. You should be in the house of God every time the doors are open. Romans 8:34-37; when you start to wonder with your mind or begin to get depressed just stay in His word because you’ll quickly see that God STILL loves you. Romans 8:38-39; clearly nothing can come between a saved person and God. In the story of the prodigal son, the son came to himself and realized that he was in the wrong and remembered his father. When he returned home, his father seen him from afar and ran to him and kissed him. The father knew about his son and never gave up on him and loved him when he returned. Just as a person sitting in the back of the church that feels as if no one cares. Or that person that’s left the church and feels as if no one misses them. It’s a lie from the devil! The church loves you and prays for you to return just as the father did for his son. Don’t end up in a hogs pen trying to figure out why and how you got there. Don’t let your mind think that there’s something better out there.
Preached by Billy Hearon on September 12, 2019 (Revival).
Keep Your Nets Mended
Matthew 4:17-22 (Part of the Revival 2019 series).
In verse 17 we see Jesus’ first message. It was simply repent. No religion was given, only that all should repent. The church is the fisherman. The church reach out time and time again, praying an inviting and yet we at times comes back what seems like empty handed. But, don’t be weary in doing because Jesus is on our side. Just as fishers of the day, they labored to pull their nets, hoping to have a full net. At times they had to mend their nets, so should we. We should repent and keep our nets in good shape, keep our lives clean and mended towards God. The fishers left what they knew, they stopped fishing and followed Jesus. They surrendered what they did and followed after Him like it was nothing to them to just stop what they were doing. How many times have you been fishing on the wrong side of the boat? Out there in the world looking for something to give you joy or happiness. There are many that are called to do the work of Jesus but very few are chosen. Once born again we are ALL in it together. Satan wants to destroy all of us no matter what your calling is. Have you ever noticed that when you talk to someone and then they state that someone saved them? Not a single person can save another soul. Only Jesus can save, He’s the only way, truth and life. How many times have you reasoned with God? Simply pouring your heart out to Him. Having communion with Him and not the grape juice of holy wafers communion. You can pray to God with elegant words that tickles others ears but God isn’t impressed with articulate tongues. He wants your heart the way it is now without doctoring it up. So when your nets get torn or dirty listen to that still small voice. He warns us that it needs mended. Surrender and repent to allow Him to fix your heart. Self was dealt with on Sunday night. Monday night was getting the smoke out your eyes. Tonight we are dealing with mending our nets. It’s NOT what you can do for Christ but what Christ can do for you! We often get that backwards thinking we should be doing something for Christ. Christ didn’t halfway die for you, He went all the way.
Preached by Billy Hearon on September 10, 2019 (Revival).
Do You Want To Be Revived?
Matthew 16:21-28 (Part of the Revival 2019 series).
Many a Christians are trying to find a new way of worship. We ought to be following after Christ and His will. Do you want to be revived? 1. Deny yourself. We live in a time of self. Selfies and the such prove that it’s all about self. If you’re wanting to follow Jesus you must deny yourselves. Children are suicidal, drugs, peer pressure. It’s all attacking our youths. Satan goes around and is destroying our youth. Mothers and fathers must come together with Christ to fend off the devil. Adults have a fear of sharing Jesus in their workplaces. First off, who gave you that job, you or God? 2. Take up His cross. The Christian life is NOT a life of ease. Christ walked by and seen someone that they loved. Even though we were dirty and full of sin, He wanted to help you, save you from death and Hell. Religion is NOT what He gives you, it’s salvation. Once you’ve been born again you’re indebted to Him, ALWAYS! You should have a desire to go to the house of God. If your hungry don’t you find something to eat? If you have a job don’t you push yourself to wake and go? Luke 11:35-36 God is still God! No matter where or what. Mat 5:13-16 Has there not been times when you just keep pushing something back all the while Jesus keeps saying do it or say it? We should be a reflection of Christ. Be a light for Christ. Anyone can get happy when things are going good. It’s when they are having rough times when it’s important to reflect what Christ means to you. Are you ready for revival?
Preached by Billy Hearon on September 8, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
Get Ready And Give Thanks
Ezekiel 37:1-13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Many times we come to Gods house and we find ourselves not prepared. Romans 5:8, God loves His children and knew what we would do to run our backs to Him. BUT He still loves us. 1 Peter 5:7, we shouldn't try to fix the problems in our lives because He wants us to cast them on Him. Some times in our lives we go thru dry times and it's due to not being at Gods side. No matter what problem we have God has the answer for it. It may not be what we want the answer to be, but He knows the future and what is good for us. Have you ever taken the time to look back and see where you could have been with God coming into your life. Without God intervening in ours lives we would surely be in a heap of trouble. Christians shouldn't feel comfortable in this world because this isn't our home. John 3:8, have you ever felt His presence in such a way that it'll make you want to shout? A lot of people in the church come together to talk about the problems and become a social club. Instead of talking about each other we should be edifying the brethren. Be careful cause it only takes one time. One time to skip a church service, then you'll skip another, and another and before you know it you're out in the world and living a sinful life. Everyday that God gives you is a gift because it's not guaranteed.
Preached by Billy Hearon on January 30, 2019 (Wednesday).
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