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Where the Law Meets Love
Romans 8:1-4 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There are some that you’ve tasted that God is good but maybe you’ve turned your back on Him. The love of God is above ALL. The greatest all of these is Love. Psalm 139:7-13, you can’t run any more. There is no condemnation in those that love God. John 3:16-17, you might be running but there is good news, God still loves you! There was once a woman that according to the law she was supposed to be put to death due to her sins that she was guilty of. But when those that accused her brought her before Jesus, Jesus flipped the table on them. Jesus pointed out to them that they all had sinned. Another story we see Jesus was within a large crowd and He was confronted by the Pharisees. They brought up that Jesus was mixing with those that He shouldn’t had been. Now in this crowd was a mix of sinners and followers alike. Jesus began to tell them a story about a son that had ran off and then realized that he shouldn’t had and came back home. In this story the son wanted what was belonging of him. He took those things and ran off to live the way he thought he should’ve been. He spent everything, wasted it away into nothing. Now this son then was connected with a man as to where he was cleaning up after, in that time was an unclean animal, pigs. This son then came to his senses while in that pig pen and he knew he needed to go back home. The law doesn’t condemn you. Conviction is what makes you feel bad. Conviction came upon this son while in the pig pen. When he started his journey back home he finally arrived and his father seen him from afar. Now there was a law in that day that if one had a son and they wouldn’t listen, they could be taken to the gate and turned over to the elders. Now this father ran out to his son and fell on his neck and loved him. Now the son had violated the law but the father still loved him. On the day of Calvary we know that the law was that blood would have to be shed for sins. This law was established with Adam and Eve. When they sinned in the garden they tried to hide their sins with fig leaves. When those leaves are plucked, they begin to die and become crumbly. There is nothing that can hide your sins from God. The law tells one where they stand. But it’s the love of God that falls on your neck and keeps you. Are you tired of running. Are you tired of hiding. There is a cure for conviction. It’s found in an old fashioned altar. An altar could be beside the bed, off in the woods, in the church house or even in your living room. The prodigal son was given a robe, shoes on his feet and a ring on his finger. This ring was proof that his father loved him and showed others that he was
Preached by Thomas Vananda on May 17, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
The Chosen Generation
(Part of the Miscellaneous series).
God is trying to do a work. he doesn’t come in to mess things up. We believe that The bars, the ball games, the sports have all been shutdown. God has given us the opportunity to hit the reset button. It’s time for God’s people to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways. He wasn’t talking to the lost, He was talking to the saved! We are the chosen generation. We don’t need a local revival, we need one that goes all the way to the top. One might say that we are in some type of trouble, but in the Bible it says we ARE the chosen generation. In the book of Esther it plainly states that we are a chosen generation. Stand firm! Stand strong! It’s not just to the preachers but also to the lay members, the singers, the deacons, etc. Now Esther went to the king and no one was to go to the king unless they were first called. God has this What we think is a mess, in His hand. Esther told them and herself to fast. Why, because she was afraid, but she humbled herself. Then she began to fast, not fasting from fast food, Facebook or social media, but to seek after God’s face and stopped eating. They were seeking an answer. This is not just for now but for your future. This is for your future people to be able to come back and sing to God. In Rev 1:6 it states that we would be priests and kings. We are to go out and be Gods hand and feet. We’ve also been equipped for this. 1 Peter 2:9 We as a saved people are a peculiar bunch of folks. Why does the preacher act the way they do? Because they are saved and bought with a price. Don’t miss it! There are battles that go on with the devils but keep in mind that it’s not about you but praising God. Praise Him for saving your soul. He’s always on your side and an advocate. He’s good in the battle when you’re losing and He’s good when you’re winning. It’s not about you! John 17:9, we ought to be a peculiar people and shout the praises even when it’s hard. You might think think you’re not a preacher, teacher, or a type of leader but if you’re a child of God then He has CALLED YOU!. Church, we are here for a purpose. It’s time that we be about His business, be peculiar and work for Him. Praise him in the grocery store, praise Him in the car, praise him in Wal-Mart. He has called you to do His work, give Him glory. There might be struggles in your life, but the battle can’t be won without God. He’s the light in your darkness. He’s the way, truth, and the light.
Preached by Thomas Vananda on April 29, 2020 (Wednesday).
Be Careful Which Way You Pitch Your Tent
2 Chronicles 7:12-15 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We should be laying up treasure not here on earth but up in Heaven. Lot pitched his tent too close to Sodom and he began to watch Sodom. Little by little he began to lust after what he seen there and then left and began living in Sodom. Lot’s army was then captured due to his lust. In the life of David we see that he began to lust after another woman. Those that are saved, you’re living in a world that you’re not supposed to live. Doing things that you’re not supposed to do. You don’t have to live like that because God has a recipe to cure those lustful temptation and lifestyles. God knows how to deliver His children! Lot lived in the tent everyday. He didn’t have to go to Sodom but he was just as we are. The children know what they are supposed to do. Reflect back to the times that you were in Gods house, singing His songs, revival times, to where God just filled you up and you just began to praise Him. You got beside yourself and didn’t care about what others thought about worshipping the Lord. It’s about a relationship between you and God. There is a way out. Not a single person knows your life but you and God. How many times have the men and women of God held us up with their prayers? They touched Heaven trying to keep us afloat while we lusted in our flesh. God knew where Lot was, He knows where you’re at. Lot lived there for so long that he didn’t want to leave that place. Even when the angels showed up he still didn’t want to leave. The angels had to grab their hands and pull them away. He lived, linger and he lost. Lot never reached his full potential due to his decisions that he made. There was something that made his wife look back. Just as the commandment was given to not look back, we should be doing the same. When God brings you out of something, turn from it and don’t look back. How many times has God sent a word to you and yet you went right back to the way you were living? Are you tired of losing? Remember what and who God is. Humble yourself, pray, seek Gods face and repent, then God will hear from you. Let God be God in your life.
Preached by Thomas Vananda on April 22, 2020 (Wednesday).
Then Will I Hear from Heaven
2 Corinthians 7:13-14 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There’s going to be times when God gets silent and it’s to remind you of who you are. We have no idea what’s going on right now, some of the things you hear or see is believable while others is not. Don’t get caught up in the hype of the media and keep your eyes on God. God is wanting folks to get down on their knees and humble themselves.Get ahold of the comforter, He said He would hear but He didn’t say He would answer. How many times have you poured out your heart on the altar and God comes to you in a big way? Yet, there was those other times when you poured out your heart and it was silent. When God talks, it’s nice but when He’s silent it’s always troubling. God gave Daniel some great revelations. Now for about 21 days God didn’t talk to Daniel also during this time Daniel didn’t give up. He prayed regardless of the silence from God. Many of times we’ll bow down and pray and do our duty and get right back up. We did our 10 minute prayer and we’re done. We should pray until we hear from God. Don’t quit till you hear from God until the answer is fulfilled. Why is this happening right now. Is God still in control? Yes, God is still in control and He’s not surprised about anything that’s going on. So what can we do? Don’t let you problems or stress take over your. Mind and heart. In Habakkuk we see the same thing, does God care? Dad, it’s time you step up and be the man God has called you to be. If you don’t teach your family how good God is then the world will tell them how horrible He is. We live in a land of plenty but their are people starving to death spiritually. Get out of the low lands of sin and sorrow and get on the highland, the altar. get out of Facebook and get into Gods book. Facebook is not evil, it has an off button. Get off of CNN and get into Gods word and His news. Too many people are looking for someone else’s responses. You should be looking to God and allow Him to show you how to respond. In Habakkuk we see that he had a burden and began to call out to God. The altar is a place where burdens change shoulders. God will give you rest if you’d get off of the junk of the world.
Preached by Thomas Vananda on April 15, 2020 (Wednesday).
When the Altars Fall Silent
2 Chronicles 7:13-14 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We can’t say that God sent this virus. There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there but this came to no surprise or shock to God. We’ve heard the stories about their elders going up to pray, talking about their elders having altars in the woods. This can be a time of revival if you let it. A personal revival. How many Sundays have gone by at the ball field? How many altars have been made by the musicians, Hollywood, etc.? Now it’s been laid in your lap to make a decision on making your altar. Dad’s, you’ve been called to be the spiritual leaders in your house. Fathers, what’s preached from the pulpit should be practiced at home. If you’d get back to the family altar then you’d see things start to fall in place for the good. Fathers, if you want to give your family something that will be the biggest investment, give them Jesus, find your altar. You need to be building an altar. No one can blame the preacher, deacon, others for your lack of commitment to God. It’s all on you now. Until you get it right at home, you’ll never get it right at the house of God. There’s a lot of people today, Christians and the lost, that are scared to death. Their fear has got the best of them. The Christian shouldn’t fear the situation that we are in because God holds them in His very hands. Stop educating yourself with the news and educate yourself with the word of God. A personal revival will lead to a family revival. Stop sending them to church and begin going to church. Did you ever think you would say, “When we get to go back to church...”? That first Sunday morning back will be a great meeting. Habakkuk; He asked about Gods care and control. God hasn’t changed. He still cares and He’s still in control. We don’t know what Gods plan is but we do know His purpose. Everything is shutting down. Malls, movie theaters, stores, restaurants, even bars. Used to be bars were closed on Sundays, but now we know that there are more in the bars on Sunday that in the church house. God has equipped us. Love on others, check on others, give food to others, help out others. God has closed the doors of the church because we become too comfortable in the house of God. You’ve requested the same prayer request over and over but never leave the pew to pray for that prayer. When the altars start to fall silent then we are all in trouble. Get back to the altar, make you a family altar.
Preached by Thomas Vananda on March 29, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
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