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Remember Who've We Got
Psalm 42:1-5 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
As a Christian we will have to walk thru some rough patches. No matter the roughness, we should always praise God. Do you live in a place where all you've got is tears? Tears that cry out where God is? When your life in in good shape you never doubt where God is at. But when the times get hard we often doubt that God is even around. When you're down and out, don't just sit down, get up and get to church. God speaks more than Sunday mornings. What if what you needed was preached on Sunday night and you decided not to show up?

Verse 5: Disquieted means to be worried. Are you worried about something in your life, your work, health? We should put our hope in God. If God is supporting us then what could knock us out of His hands?

Christians have God on their side. Never forget that God is for us and is the God of ALL control, Gen 1:5. God stepped out on nothing and made something and is in control of it all. Ps 24:1-2, everything is Gods, there is nothing that's not. Ps 136:1-9, mercy is not getting what do deserve. God has control over the day and He controls the night. He is in full control.

He is the God of safety, Gen 7:17-18. God said to come into the Ark not go into because He was in the Ark providing safety. Ps 143:9-10, when we think of enemies we often think about others that do not like us. But our biggest enemy is within our head, our mind. It tells us things that are not true and causes us to doubt. Prov 18:10, just the name of Jesus is a safety. Just think, if just His name is a strong tower, what is His person? The prodigal son once he realized and came to his senses, dropped what he was doing and ran back home to his father. His father seen him coming from afar and ran to his son. It didn't matter what his son smelled like, looked like or what he had done. The father still loved his son.

He's the God that's a way maker, Ex 14. When all you've got is a wall of doubt in front of you, God is a way maker. Just let go of it and let God deal with it. Did you know that the wall in front of you might be for someone else's life? Once God brings you thru it, tell others where you came from.

1 John 3:1, God is the god of love. It's an honor to be a child of Him. Christians know whom they belong to and we always go back to God for help. Did you know that you're not an inconvenience to God? Rom 5:8, God didn't just say He loves you, He showed it and proved it by sending His ONLY son to die for our sins. Jer 31:3

Ps 73:25-26, we must remember whom we have. If we are ever going to be overcomes then we have got to start living like we don't have God. Who do you have? Do you know if you've got a relationship with God?

Preached by Anthony Morgan on April 15, 2018 (Sunday Morning).
What is Your Testimony?
Luke 5:12-14 (Part of the Red Top Revival 2016 series).
Jesus knows what your need is and can take care of that need. All one has to do is ask in faith believing and He will give. You have a testimony whether your lost or saved. Sin begins with a small spot but grows quickly. Death is not the answer if you are lost and seeking relief from this world. I'm s our own transgressions that separates us from God. Until your last breath is taken, there is still hope. He is willing to save! John 6:53 Christ is NOT in you if you're not saved. 1 John 5:13 When you truly get born again, you will KNOW that you are his and He is yours. It's not a guessing game with salvation. There are some things that our works and willing, home remedies and loved ones can't take care of. When Jesus is on the scene and you let Him take care of them, He will remove those things that you can't. When you find that you need Jesus and you ask in faith, He doesn't say in a little while, He says He will. In the name of Jesus things flee. There is nothing that God can't do. 2 Cor 5:14 Romans 6:9 Death does not have control over the saved. 1 Cor 15:54 Death simply does not win in salvation. Jesus is interested in dirty, sinful people. Romans 6:23 Romans 6:6-8 To be dead in Christ is life eternal. Romans 8:9-10 If our righteousness is of filthy rags, what does our sins look like? So, which testimony do you have? That of the lost person or that of the saved?
Preached by Anthony Morgan on June 29, 2016 (Revival).
Thank God I'm at the Table
2 Samuel 9:1-13 (Part of the Red Top Revival 2016 series).
In the beginning of time with Adam and Eve there was a great fall. Jesus came to lift us up from that great fall. It all started with kindness and mercy. God loves you and He comes for you. Lamentation 3:23 Mercy is not getting what we do deserve. Romans 5:6 Christ died for the ungodly, which is mercy. So who are all of us? Titus 3:3-5 We are foolish, disobedient, lustful, malice and envious, hateful. But God gave Himself for all of our sins. Not because of our works but because of His mercy. Mercy is always available but until it's yours it's nothing. The call has been, come to me. God doesn't care about your condition because He wants to pull you out of it. Mark 2:17 Are you sick of your sin, yourself, trouble, worry, of this life? God will reach into your life and give you what you need. No one ever comes strutting to Jesus. God is willing to give mercy. Christians should humble themselves always and more often. Psalm 24 Our King is good. He doesn't give to us because we are good, He give because He is good. God is the only one that can keep you. Once you're in with God, you're in for eternity. There is no limit to Gods forgiveness. When you're a Christian you can't do it all by yourself, you must work with other Christian believers. To be in the King's family is a privileged place. Romans 4:7 If all you ever had was Jesus, it's enough.
Preached by Anthony Morgan on June 27, 2016 (Revival).
Don't Drown When You're Within Arms Reach
Matthew 14:22-33 (Part of the Red Top Revival 2016 series).
When you get stuck, God is always there. When salvation is called, God makes the first move in asking you to be saved. It's up to you to take the next step. You might be right in the middle of a tough life working hard but not getting anywhere. But keep working with God because where you came from is worse then were God is taking you. Some are drowning in their own pride but Jesus is just an arms length away. One sees the destruction around them and feels overwhelmed. Satan will always push back when salvation is near. You might feel it's your darkest time but God is always there. The lost needs to see that they're lost before they need to be found. The lost need to see that they are falling into an eternity of hell before being lifted up into heaven. There is always a 100% decision each time the Word of God is given. Either you decide to do what God says or you choose to do your will. One can drown in their own strength. Mark 5:25-26 You must realize that you can't do it on your own. Our own righteousness is as dirty rags. Mark 5:27-34 Give up and give it to God. In you faith and believing, God will make you whole. Ephesians 8:12 Your faith is what will make you whole. Drowning in discouragement of escape. If you think that you can't get out of it, you can though Christ. Exodus 14:10-14 God will fight for you. You can never get out of your problems but God can. Luke 23:39-43 Don't drown within arms reach of God. You're no further away as the next person. John 3:36 Tomorrow is uncertain, but forever is sure.
Preached by Anthony Morgan on June 25, 2016 (Revival).
No Greater Miracle
Mark 2:1-12 (Part of the Red Top Revival 2016 series).
Their are some looking for a miracle but their not a greater miracle than that of salvation. When Jesus gets into the most, things are about to happen. Jesus is worth getting to. There's never been a person regret coming to Jesus. God only promises that He'll call your name once, don't wait. When aGod calls your name, He will reveal that you're lost, once you're lost its a must that you be saved. Story telling is good and ok in its right place but the Word of God is a must and should always be preached. Don't stop, keep working for God. Keep the faith and keep giving them Jesus. We live a day of desperation because the Word of God needs to go out. God will bless the faith of those that work for His will. There will always be complainers but let God work them out. The inside needs to be cleaned before the outside can be cleaned. Physical healing is only temporary but the inward soul will last forever. Jesus didn't die for your health, wealth or your prosperity.
Preached by Anthony Morgan on June 23, 2016 (Revival).
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