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Through The Fire
Daniel 3:8-30 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Three things we see in this story. 1. They would not bow. There will be things in your life that you will have to make a choice to either take a stand for God or bow to the enemy. 2. They wouldn’t budge. Just because you might work for God every second of the day doesn’t mean that others will see Him in you. Just keep working. 3. They wouldn’t burn. Sometimes we have to go thru the fire before others will see God thru you. They may not see you when you won’t bow to other gods, will stand your ground and not budge, but when you go thru the fire for Christ then they will surely see God thru it. If you are right now in the middle of a fire, be faithful to God. He will go with you thru it all and sometimes it takes the fires in life to prove to others. Press on.
Preached by Tommy Boring on November 17, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
The Truth About Counterfeits
John 8:31-59 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
The devil is the created being. He can’t be everywhere at the same time or know everything. Now if you’ve truly been born again then you’re already possessed by God. If you’re lost then yes, you can be possessed by a devil. In the beginning, God gave one simple rule, don’t touch or eat from a single tree. God will always tell you the truth because He can not lie. The devil lied and tricked Eve into eating the fruit and then Adam followed. From that time forth, the devil goes about telling a lie. Adam and Eve was then cursed to die because the devil was seeking to murder, kill them. In our society we take the good and make it bad, take the evil and make it good. Where do you think that thought comes from? If you’re listening to anything other than God then you’re listening to a devil. Every single person has an enemy regardless who you are or where you come from. You tell your buddies at work that you’re a Christian but is this true? Only a Christian can follow Christ without a true effort. A Christian is not perfect but they repent. We should hate the devil and abstain from anything that is from or of him. If you’re listening to yourself then it’s a lie. Anything other than God is a lie. We are as dumb as sheep. We listen to everything but God and then when we follow thru and fall, we blame God and ask why He didn’t help us. If we asked do you want the good or the bad, each person would say the good. But the problem is, the devil is a liar and makes things look good. So in Adam and Eve’s time, the devil told her that they wouldn’t die. He twisted the truth telling them that when they eat then they would become like gods and know the difference between good and evil. While that statement was true it was twisted and brought death upon all mankind. They did not become like gods but were cursed to see their sins and caused death upon them. This same thing happens still today. The devil is telling you that this message is false. Why does he do this? Because he is trying to destroy you and others around you because he hates you. A lot of times this is what happens. You see it, you want it, you come a pray and nothing changed. People ask if you’ve been saved or a person/preacher tells you you’ve been saved. But, there was never a change, Christ wasn’t calling you. But, you believe that lie and sit on a church bench and pretty soon they’ll go back to the world. Why? Because that the nature of the lost, they can’t live a Christian lifestyle because they are not a Christian. So how does one know the difference between lies and the truth? We must study the truth. The truth never changes while the counterfeit always changes.
Preached by Tommy Boring on November 17, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Weak Prayers
Jeremiah 32:26-27 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
It’s difficult to grasp that God has no boundaries or limit as we know it. Mat 19:26; Mark 10:27 If it’s something that you can do then why are you not doing it? God does the impossible. God does things that are unexplainable to man. We should be convicted that we don’t pray to God like He’s a BIG god. We define God as not being able to do those big things. Don’t we usually have a testimony that only God can do. God raised people from the dead, in fact He rose Himself from the dead. In the Bible there are many examples to prove God as being the extraordinary. The first thing is that you must believe the Word of God. Noah was told to build an ark when it had never rained before. God also told him that it was going to flood and destroy all living things. Noah and his house was saved because he believed God. Moses experienced God as a burning bush. God told him to be still as He rolled back the sea to dry ground for them to be saved. Moses was able to see manna everyday and meat that just fell to the ground. Moses seen water that poured from a rock when he struck it with a stick. Moses was able to see God’s hinder parts and he was changed and had a glow that no others could look upon Moses. David stood in front of a giant and killed him with a small stone. Elijah prayed to God and God showed up in a huge fire that burnt everything including the water. The disciples seen Jesus do many miracles. Spit a mud to make someone see. Deaf and dumb and made able to speak and hear by a simple touch. If we are saved then we serve a God that is able to do anything. How do you pray to Him though. God told us to not give anything thought to tomorrows things. He feeds to birds, yet we pray for our foods for tomorrow. God has already promised us those things. As long as you pray about your food and your clothes and your bills, then you’ve begun to pray about selfish things because He’s already promised those things. Now if you find yourself in a life changing event then we often find ourselves praying for ourselves. Nothing wrong with that! Some attributes of God. 1. God never changes! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. 2. God can not lie. 3. God is no respect of persons. What He did for Moses He will do for you. Why? Because He doesn’t love Moses any more than He loves you.
Preached by Tommy Boring on October 27, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
He Loves You
Luke 15:3-13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Do you realize that Jesus loves YOU? He died for YOU. Jesus said that He would leave the folk to save the one. Jesus loves you just the way you are. He may not like what you’re doing but He’ll deal with that soon enough. Don’t believe the lie that you don’t matter to GOD. It wont be Gods fault if you turn His son away. It will all be you’re fault in denying Him.
Preached by Tommy Boring on October 20, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Who's Our Enemy?
Luke 22:31-32 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Part of winning a battle is understanding your enemy. When it comes to the word of God, one has to be willing to accept it. First and foremost, God knows our enemy. He knows what he’s doing and when he’s going to do it. We need to know the enemy in order to fight against the enemy. As we know about Job, he had a hedge built around him that God had placed to keep the enemy away. As a Christian, you have a God built hedge around you. Now you can play and tease with the devil and he will try his best to destroy you and if you let him, he will. In Genesis, we see that the devil was present. Satan is NOT a god but a created being. He is an angel and nothing more. He was created therefore he can be controlled by God. Now Lucifer himself is probably not messing with you. He is not a god and therefore can not be in multiple places at the same time, omnipresent. He also can not read your mind. Now just as God, he has many angels to “work” for him, with him. Satan is a fallen angel and he also took a bunch of angels with him. John 13:2 - Destroy The devil wants everyone dead. He can take ahold of a lost persons heart and cause them to do ungodly things only to leave them dead. 2 Cor 11:14 - Deceiver The devil can transform into a false being to fool others to think he is something that he is not. John 8:44 - Liar The devil is a liar. He is unable to speak the truth unless it’s riddled with lies. He is the father of lies. One could say they would never believe a lie from the devil. Have you ever been afraid? Fear is a lie from the devil. Simple yet effective. John 10:10 - Steal, Kill, and Destroy So can the devil destroy a believer? Only if God allows it. Satan is a destroyer and he certainly wants to destroy you. In our nation, opiate addiction is the highest killer. Luke 8:12 - Thief Satan also wants to steal Gods love from the lost. When the word of God is presented, satan will steal away the word if it’s not consumed. 2 Cor 4:4 - Blinder Think about it, we teach in schools that it took the world billions of years to be created. We evolved from monkeys or evolved from something. Satan has removed the Creator from our children’s learning. We are accept every lifestyle due to tolerance, love everyone, that what Jesus taught. Truth is, it’s a lie. 2 Cor 12:7 - Buffet Believers Now the devil constantly beats on the gate at the hedge and all you’ve got to do is open the door. We are constantly bombarded with Satan daily throughout our lives thru media and others. It’s a choice if we allow or let that in. Rev 20, Rev 20:10 - Destiny We see in the end Satan and his demons will all be destroyed. They will be tormented just the same as those unbelievers that rejected Christ, forever and ever for eternity. 1 John 3:8, Luke 11:23 Who’s side are you on? There is ONLY two sides. You’re either on Satans side or Gods side. Either your born again or lost. To the believers. Eph 4:26-27 Don’t give the devil any room to win or get in. You want problems in your life, let him in. James 4:7 Resist the devil and he will flee. Eph 6:11-18 We know we are gonna be in a battle with the devils, therefore go ahead and prepare yourselves.
Preached by Tommy Boring on September 22, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
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