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The Blood That Speaks
Hebrews 12:18-29 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Now in the law during Moses’ time, the Jews had so many tradition and rituals that had to do in order to be one with Christ. But, when Christ came and died on that cross, those rituals were done away with instantly. Now still to this day folks still get caught up with rituals and traditions. If these things do not line up with God then they are done in waste and are sinful against God. Mt Zion is the city of the living God. It’s a place where folks when they die in Christ go to after death. It’s spiritual place. Mt Sion was the opposite. It was a earthly place where only the law was there. It was dark, it was terrifying. It rumbled and quaked and couldn’t be touched lest the person was killed. The opposite of this Mount was Mt Zion. One couldn’t touch one but Mt Zion touched you. There is a freedom in Mt Zion, whatever bondage you’re in then seek Christ for you’re release. These mountains were describing the law in Abraham's time versus when Christ came to establish the new way. Christ is the new way, a single covenant, a promise and sacrifice. Verse 24 we find two things. God doesn’t change. God is a consuming fire. God is holy and so is His son. The difference between then and now is the mediator, Jesus Christ. It’s a better way. God hadn’t changed. Do you know that you’re in the better way? The second part is the blood. The veil was opened up thru the sacrifice of Gods only son, Jesus Christ. In this day and time especially during this time, folks that are still working from home are meeting abroad. They are doing this thru different mediums to which you have to have the correct credit I also in order to be in that meeting. If you have the incorrect credentials then you’ll not get in. Just as a lost becomes saved, Jesus bled for those sins and creates a unique credential for a meeting. This meeting can only take place thru Him and His father. In the story of Cain and Abel, when Cain killed his brother Abel, Abel’s blood called out to God. Just in today's time, those babies that are being aborted daily, the blood of them are calling out to God just the same. Now the blood of humans call out to God but the blood of Jesus is different. Jesus’ blood was given up as an offering, a sacrifice. His blood was payment for the sinners sins. His blood said mercy for them all. Not a blood that says they require punishment, but of forgiveness. Did you know that the devil has to have permission to get to a saved person? He has to ask God permission before he can ever get to a saved soul, so if he comes around it’s because God allowed it. However, does that ever happen? If you’ve got the blood of Christ applied then the blood cries out that Satan can’t touch you. You have a protection thru the blood of Christ. Not only does the blood speak to God, but it also speaks to the saved. One should humble themselves. Think about Calvary, the suffering of Jesus Christ the Lord. It reminds us of who we are and that we are not longer a creature of the lost but of the forgiveness of the spiritual nature. There is no other sacrifice to be given. The only blood that was good enough Was Christs’. Jesus was born into this world as a human for one purpose only and that was to become a sacrifice for our sins. Nothing else can take away those sins. Do not refuse Christ when He speaks to you. Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus. What will you do with the message?
Preached by Tommy Boring on April 26, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
It’s Time We Took a Stand at the Cross
John 19:38-42 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There are people today that are desperate of Hope. But then there are those that are still trying to figure out who God is. Now is the time that we as Christians need to step out as followers of Christ. We should be taking a stand at the cross. There will come a day that you WILL have to take a stand for Christ. Nicodemus The one verse that we see often and mostly everywhere, John 3:16. Jesus was talking to Nicodemus when this verse was penned. Then there was the time of the Passover in John 3 when he wanted to have a secret meeting with Jesus. Nicodemus knew what he had heard about Jesus, to which Jesus told him without any confusion. Jesus explained to him the plan of salvation, being born again. Then in John 3:14 Jesus told Nicodemus that He must be lifted up. Then in John 7 we see that Nicodemus speaking up and taking sides of Jesus. This was a year later and we see that Nicodemus was defending Jesus and yet was not a believer. In John 8 is the story of the adulterous woman and the trying of Moses law against Jesus. Jesus then turned it around on the Pharisees and showed them in their own way of their own sins. Jesus then saved the woman at the well and told them that when they see the son of man lifted up, then they would know He was the son of man. Now we see in Palm Sunday, the time when Jesus road the donkey into Jerusalem where Nicodemus also lived. This is when Jesus told them that if they didn’t worship then the rocks would. In todays time we often hear that there are many way to Jesus however there is but only one way. Nicodemus followed Jesus thru His entire ministry and yet he wasn’t born again. Jesus on several occasion told many that He be lifted up then they would know He was the son of God. We see in Pilates court that the Pharisees demand Jesus be put to death. At the cross we see Jesus mother, Mary and John. Then Jesus died on that cross, God then hid the sun, the earth began to shake violently. A soldier then proclaimed that Jesus was the son of God. This soldier took a stand at the cross. A man begged for His body and wanted to give Jesus a proper burial. He was granted this event and Joseph went to take Christs body from the cross and yet there were two men already at the cross, one being Nicodemus. He sacrificed at the cross by bring a thousand pounds of ointments for the preparation of Christs burial. Many of people knew nothing up until Jesus was lifted up upon that cross and He was dead. Once Christ was dead their eyes and hearts were opened. These men made a decision to follow Christ even after death and they stepped up to the cross. These men would forever be marked as Christians. Where are you in your walk? Many of folks claim to go to church or know God or Jesus. Easter John 20:1 Mary came to the tomb and she seen that the stone was rolled away. His grave clothes in a pile and the napkin that covered His face was neatly folded and placed where He laid. Mary then was very upset that her master had been stolen. A “man” in the garden asked her who she was looking for. Once this “man” said her name she knew who he was, Jesus. Take a stand at the cross and celebrate our risen savior.
Preached by Tommy Boring on April 12, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
The Glory of the Heavenly Perspective (Part 2 of 2)
Hebrews 11:8-19 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
The earthy perspective can be deadly due to the human nature of depression and despair. But if we’ve been born again, we can share the joy and excitement of the Heavenly perspective. One can tell you all about Disney Land in California but if one hasn’t been there then it’s not as important as one that’s experienced. The question, are you born again? John 3:1-7 The greatest thing in this current time is having a perspective of having a Heavenly perspective. The lost stop and look around and wonder about a lot of “if’s” and questions. In the end the lost are still lost and confused. The worlds viewpoint is that they have no idea what is going on and therefore usually spread unglodly points. Those points will quickly take over your mind and heart if you’re not careful. Heb 11:8-9; in faith he followed. Once God calls your name as a lost person you will make a choice to either follow in faith or turn away. Romans 10:8-9, thru faith we are saved. Now a saved person has never seen the streets of gold but we know that God can’t lie and that is one of His promises. Romans 10:10, your heavenly perspective is also about believe what God has said in His Word. Who want’s to go to Heaven? Most all would say yes and would even say they are going but that is a lie from the devil himself. There is only one way to Heaven and that’s being Born Again, believing in Jesus Chrsit as your personal savior. Heb 11:10, If your’re born again do you desire heaven? Your hope is not what you have or seen but in those things that are unseen. The older one gets in their walk with Christ the more it just doesn’t matter and your hope is more in Christ! Romans 8:28, having a heavenly perspective means that we have this particular view. No matter the journey in the end of a born again believer is good. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s right or good. There are many things that might seem nice, good or even promising but in the end it’s bad. This is the problem with an earthly perspective, sinful nature. Are you a new creature? A new creature knows that this is not it’s home. Hebrews 11:17-19, when Abraham was called that day to take his only son up to the mountain and for him to sacrifice him, he without question, went up and began to do it. Obedience at it’s finest. One can take everything of a Christians away but those things are all going to be earthly. It might be hard but the hope is not in those things down here but in Heaven above. The saved are purchased with a price, very great price. Once saved then you then become a joint heir. A promise that can’t be undone, death has no victory when eternal life is given at the point salvation is made. Eternal life, a place that’s prepared, never leave or forsake, sealed until redemption, provides for us, etc. Heb 11:14, the people of God, the born again, they need to be persuaded that God IS everything you need And can not fail; Romans 8:38. 2 Tim 1:12, Having confidience We should embrace God and let your light shine to the others that you’ve been persuaded with great confidence that you’re but strangers here and that God is in full control. Mat 6:33 Rom 12:1 Did you know that 1 out of every 1 will die? Knowing that truth it should cause you to think about your future after death.
Preached by Tommy Boring on April 5, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
The Dangers of Only an Earthly Perspective (Part 1 of 2)
Psalm 137:1-41 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We must maintain the correct perspective when hard things happen. We need to examine ourselves and make sure our earthly perspectives line up with Gods. There is a great danger in allowing the earthly perspective to reign in our lives. If all one does is watch the news all day you’ll allow it to rule your life. Romans 8:28 God has control of ALL things and His children have nothing to worry about. If you allow the earthly things to control then you’ll quickly find your perspective failing and your eyes turning away from God. In our original scripture we see that the children of Israel were going thru something far worse than what we are going thru. There have been many to go thru things that are far worse than what we are going thru. We are warned that all of those negative things can begin to control us. It’s dangerous to allow despair to take control. We should be very careful with the information that we have. We should not stick our heads in the sand and ignore what’s going on. God’s purpose is always good. So here we see in the scripture that once they were hit with despair, they simply sat down and cried. God is NOT out of control. Don’t be drawn into the devil’s snares. We should be listening to what God is trying to tell us. God is not in despair, He’s not worried, He wasn’t surprised, etc. Don’t be despaired! The children of God were famous for their songs, their talents were all tied to the temple. However, their temple at this time was afar off. They became depressed and just sat down and lost their engagement. Now we know that God doesn’t dwell in a building, He dwells in the heart. Stop depending on the pastor for your feed. We’ve not met in about 2 weeks so God has stripped away the building excuse. Have you felt the Spirit move? The children of Israel just gave up because their perspective was earthly. So what are you doing, sitting on your phone, watching movies, playing games? He’s stripped all of the “stuff” away and now it’s just you and Him. Do you love Him as much as you said you do? Do you pray like you need to? Do you pray when you’re supposed to? Do you just wait to pray only when you’re asked? The fear is that some of you are on vacation spiritually. Check yourself... If there was no church, how spiritual would your house be? Back in the scripture we see in verse 3 that the people that took them captive wanted them to sing. There are people all around us that want a happy song. They want the good news. These people just gave up. They didn’t want to sing because they were depressed in their situation. Their perspective was earthly. If you’re different at home than you are in a church building... What are you teaching others? Psalm 137:4, if you leave your depression unchecked you’ll quickly find yourself over ran by the devil. You’ll become ungrateful and ill. These children of God couldn’t see past their current situation. Have you become dependent upon someone else for your feeding? We make all kinds of excuses why we can’t worship God but He has stripped away ALL excuses. Have you grown dependent on the pastor, worship leaders or someone else to truly worship God? Do you really have a relationship with Christ, have you been saved? Have you taken for granted that we can only worship on certain days? If we didn’t send the videos out would you really be engaged? The real voice of God is challenging us and your personal inventory. You know if you need to deal with things that are not His.
Preached by Tommy Boring on April 1, 2020 (Wednesday).
Running From Fear
1 Peter 2:13-17 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We are to serve God first and foremost because in the end, that is what we are judged by. Paul wasn’t afraid to stand against men for God’s namesake. Many a times he was beat for standing up! God raises countries and puts them down. He is able to raise a governor or a president to make control. Now their might be greed in the political system but in the end, God is still in control. Our governor asked our churches to not meet due to trying to stop the spread of this virus. It is in protection and should be followed. Should we then sit in fear? No! We’ve changed the way we worship temporarily. God has slowed this nation to a crawl and He is able to bring us out of this. Now there was a time when Elijah stood and watched the prophets of Baal cried out, cut themselves and called out to something that wasn’t there. There is not other god other than the ONE that created this place and you. Elijah encouraged them to continue with their worship to this false god. He then, during a drought, gathered gallons of water and prayed to God to prove Himself. Fire came from heaven and licked up ALL of the water proving that God is in full control and is the only one. The world we live in might seem out of control. We can’t control what's happening around us. Now you might be a Christian and sitting in your home wringing you hands, worrying about what is going to happen. Take heart, if God loves the little birds then He loves you! Be encouraged! This is something different, it might get people out of their boxes of comfort and cause them to come to Jesus. Now Elijah ran from his problems and a lot of people will hide in this circumstance. Elijah ran as far as he could go. Now you might be worried about your job, food, health, but rest assured God loves you and will help you thru all of this. God sent an angel to Elijah and this angel took care of Elijah. We don’t know how hard this journey will be but know that God takes care of His children. He will not depart, He’s always right there with you. Once you’ve ran to the end of your road, hit that brick wall then you WILL call out to a higher being, God. Man will create fear, panic, and chaos but God is not in none of that! Elijah was in a cave and was calling out to God asking Him to speak to him. Many thing happened but God wasn’t in them but in a still small voice God spoke from the back of the cave. He was there all along. God asked him what are you doing here? Elijah was worried and explained to God like He didn’t know what was going on. God told Elijah, get down from the mountain, you have no idea what I’ve done. He had no sense of the worrying and to go do His work by preaching His word. So what are you doing during this time? Are you sitting around at the house taking a vacation from God? Sitting a worrying? God will use this for His good. God is showing everyone that we all are sin sick. He’s called His people to stand firm on His word. He has a greater purpose! Be supportive and pray for one another. Pick that bible up and read it. Some have prayed for more time with God, now you have it, take it and use it! It’s a great opportunity to feed yourself. Many of people are too dependent upon the preacher to feed them. Pick up the Word of God and feed yourself!
Preached by Tommy Boring on March 25, 2020 (Wednesday).
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