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John 3:16-19 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
The word condemnation is the action of condemning someone to a sentence. Now God does not condemn. The sentence of death, condemnation, was given with Adam and Eve. The single most simplest law was not to eat of one single tree. Both Adam and Eve broke this law and therefore were sentenced for being guilty. That condemnation was death. We are already under condemnation due to the sin that we live in. The sin of Adam and Eve was just the first one. Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save it. Our own sin separates us from Jesus. John 3:17, those that believe in Jesus is saved but those that do not believe are lost, condemned. Many look at religion as a form of condemnation. People do not have to work at condemnation because they were born into it. One must be saved from the condemnation of death. Others get confused with conviction and condemnation. Conviction is when God points out the sin that has been made against God. Conviction is God reminding you that you must live Holy. People are convicted of all kinds of sins. Anything that in violation of God is a sin. Noah God spoke to Noah because God searched all others and their hearts were evil. As we know the story, God told Noah that a flood was coming and he was to prepare. For 120 years Noah invited all those he passed. All of those people ignored Noah and yet God still had grace. God created a way out, a way of escape. Sodom and Gomorrah God told Abraham that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham began to pray about saving them and God would come back and say He would save them. God is NOT trying to place condemnation because it’s already been placed. They saved only a few from the destruction but it wasn’t because of not being warned first. 2 Peter 2, God wants the drug addict to be saved. God sent His ONLY son to suffer and be sacrificed because He loved us. God wants each person to be saved from certain death. The condemnation is that light has come into the world, but people love darkness over that light. God will come to you, you can’t just go out and search for Him. He does the inviting, it’s not the other way around with salvation. The law is not the condemnation. It’s only a rule that’s set for our safety. The condemnation is the love of the evil. In the story of the woman that the Pharisees brought before Jesus. This woman clearly broke the law and was guilty beyond guilt. Now Jesus simply proved to them that they ALL were sinners, they’d ALL broke the law. Now if God purpose is to condemn or hate, then why did Jesus not just slaw them all? He proved to them and to her that her own kind were the condemners. Man wants to condemn man and we bring justification for that condemnation. Jesus had every opportunity to say to her that He condemned her but He didn’t do that. He didn’t say that the law was wrong or to do away with the law. On the cross there were 2 thieves. One of them gave Jesus a hard time. The other felt conviction and knew that he deserved what he was getting. He then asked Jesus to remember him on his death. So while Jesus was dying on the cross, He still loved and saved. His last action on earth was to save a man. God does not hate you. He’s trying to save you. When He calls you name, knocks on your hearts door, answer Him. Ask Him to come in. In the end at your death the lost will say amen to their own condemnation. THEIR OWN condemnation, not Gods.
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 10, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
It’s Time We Took a Stand at the Cross
John 19:38-42 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There are people today that are desperate of Hope. But then there are those that are still trying to figure out who God is. Now is the time that we as Christians need to step out as followers of Christ. We should be taking a stand at the cross. There will come a day that you WILL have to take a stand for Christ. Nicodemus The one verse that we see often and mostly everywhere, John 3:16. Jesus was talking to Nicodemus when this verse was penned. Then there was the time of the Passover in John 3 when he wanted to have a secret meeting with Jesus. Nicodemus knew what he had heard about Jesus, to which Jesus told him without any confusion. Jesus explained to him the plan of salvation, being born again. Then in John 3:14 Jesus told Nicodemus that He must be lifted up. Then in John 7 we see that Nicodemus speaking up and taking sides of Jesus. This was a year later and we see that Nicodemus was defending Jesus and yet was not a believer. In John 8 is the story of the adulterous woman and the trying of Moses law against Jesus. Jesus then turned it around on the Pharisees and showed them in their own way of their own sins. Jesus then saved the woman at the well and told them that when they see the son of man lifted up, then they would know He was the son of man. Now we see in Palm Sunday, the time when Jesus road the donkey into Jerusalem where Nicodemus also lived. This is when Jesus told them that if they didn’t worship then the rocks would. In todays time we often hear that there are many way to Jesus however there is but only one way. Nicodemus followed Jesus thru His entire ministry and yet he wasn’t born again. Jesus on several occasion told many that He be lifted up then they would know He was the son of God. We see in Pilates court that the Pharisees demand Jesus be put to death. At the cross we see Jesus mother, Mary and John. Then Jesus died on that cross, God then hid the sun, the earth began to shake violently. A soldier then proclaimed that Jesus was the son of God. This soldier took a stand at the cross. A man begged for His body and wanted to give Jesus a proper burial. He was granted this event and Joseph went to take Christs body from the cross and yet there were two men already at the cross, one being Nicodemus. He sacrificed at the cross by bring a thousand pounds of ointments for the preparation of Christs burial. Many of people knew nothing up until Jesus was lifted up upon that cross and He was dead. Once Christ was dead their eyes and hearts were opened. These men made a decision to follow Christ even after death and they stepped up to the cross. These men would forever be marked as Christians. Where are you in your walk? Many of folks claim to go to church or know God or Jesus. Easter John 20:1 Mary came to the tomb and she seen that the stone was rolled away. His grave clothes in a pile and the napkin that covered His face was neatly folded and placed where He laid. Mary then was very upset that her master had been stolen. A “man” in the garden asked her who she was looking for. Once this “man” said her name she knew who he was, Jesus. Take a stand at the cross and celebrate our risen savior.
Preached by Tommy Boring on April 12, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
Going Thru The Motions
John 4:11-26 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
In the scripture we see in John 4:23-24 that people worship falsely. Understand that Jesus told us that it’s not where you worship but how. Jesus was making a new and living way of worship. No longer would they have to go to a certain place at a certain time and sacrifice a certain animal. Now everything that happened before Christ was just a shadow of things to come. It was paving the way for Christ. All those traditions and sacrificial items where all a representation of the One to come. In our own church we certainly have true worshippers, however we also have false ones. Jesus is a Spirit, He is THE spirit therefore we must worship Him thru spiritual means. Had created humans to be different than the animals as humans are the only living creature that has a soul. So when we worship God we must worship Him from the heart, soul. The opposite of the spirit is the flesh. In music a person can do it either way, spirit of flesh. One can play or sing their heart out without a single honor of God. You might be able to sing like bird but if you can sing Jesus Loves Me and clip your nails at the same time there’s a miss. In truth one must also worship. Just the same with the spirit, God is also Truth and therefore we must worship Him in truth. Hebrews 9:24, traditions, emblems and even actions, if they are not of God then they are not true. Before Christ, the priests were given rules and items on how to worship. During that time these things were required and were God given, in other words, they were Holy and true. They were not wrong and were held in the highest regard and honor. Then, when Christ came He changed all of that. No longer are those things are in the past and the true worshipper must worship in spirit and truth. Truth is about not letting anything in the way of worship. If you’re not worshipping God from the heart then you missed it. One shouldn’t sing the hymnals because they know them but sing as an offering unto God. Being a member or visiting New Providence because they have a great song leader is not worship. Going because of something other than honoring Christ is sinful and not worship. We often hear it asked, “What’s my purpose in life?” The answer is simple, it’s not about you but about Him. You were created to honor God.
Preached by Tommy Boring on March 1, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
I Am The Way
John 14:1-7 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Have you ever had anything to trouble you? It seems that we let every little thing to give us trouble. If there was any thought in your mind that God doesn’t love you, let this be a lesson. Jesus prayed until his sweat poured from His body because He knew what He was to do. He told us prior to this that where He was going, if we believed in Him we would be there also. God is the I Am. He is the creator and therefore He can state the present and that He is the I Am. The one and only way, path to God is thru His son, Jesus. The path itself is Jesus. Isn’t great to know where you’re going? When you’re on a route and have the correct directions in order to get there, it makes your travel a lot easier. Now the path to salvation is straight and narrow. God doesn’t waver or change to which there is only one way to be saved. The devil is always changing, lying therefore his path is wavering and the gate is wide. Death is sure to come no matter who you are. Death is not to be feared but what comes after death is what’s to be feared. The judgement of whether you’re lost or saved. Therefore the path on which you’ve chosen to travel is what’s to be feared. Being a Primitive Baptist will not get one into Heaven. You’re religion will send you to Hell. The Way Either you’re saved or you’re not. Either you’re on one path or the other, you can’t be on both. If you’re born again then you will always know the path because God will guide you. There will be many Baptists in Hell simply because they‘ve trusted in the wrong path. Jesus stated it plain and simple, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” There are many people out there saying there are many ways to get to God but this is ALL lies. It’s either Jesus or nothing. The Truth Listening to your GPS, has it ever told you to go in the wrong direction? Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew if it was telling you the truth? To know that the path that you are on is right? At some point you must trust God to know that He is truth. Take away the religions and the thoughts of others and what you’re left with is yourself and the path. You’ll know the truth if you’ve been born again because God bares witness with your soul. The Life Thomas was more curious about his life and how to get to where Jesus was going. Thomas didn’t have what we have, the scriptures. They didn’t understand that Jesus was the life. Jesus told both Martha and His disciples that He was the I am. He is the life, the resurrection. Simply believe in Jesus Christ and it will get you to Heaven. For a Christian life is not here on earth but in Heaven above and they have no concern in death. The lost have a concern and should as their life on earth is the only heaven they will know compared to the eternal Hell they will be at death.
Preached by Tommy Boring on February 2, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
Jesus Kept His Scars
John 20:19-29 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
We read that when we as believers in Christ die, we are to receive a new body. A glorified body that is without blemish. However, in this reading we see that Jesus died and went to Heaven. He then returned and kept the scars of His death. There are two things about scars. One type of scar is physical yet others are hidden. Scars are reminders of former hurts. Most physical scars when they begin came with a great deal of pain. Some scars are by accidents and others are on purpose. Either way, they are a reminder of things that were in the past. Physical scars, the pain is also physical and that pain usually goes away in time. Internal scars are things that are hidden but cause one to suffer usually a long time. Physical scars are created quickly, but the hurt also quickly goes away. Internal scars if left alone will fester and begin to grow into a horrible infection. Sometimes these scars can be hidden very well with a smile or laughter. These scars are tied to a memory that never been taken care of. God is able to take those memories. He is able to take care of them in the blink of an eye. Sometimes He will take care of them but will require you to walk a down path of experiences in order for you to be healed. You wound will either take you or break you. If you allow the wound to fester and grow then you will have to make a choice between living and asking God to be the doctor to that wound or giving into the devil and end your life. Don’t let the devil have control of your life and wound you more. Hebrews 4:15; Don’t ever think that Jesus doesn’t know what suffering you’re going thru. Jesus had His own father turn His back on Him. Jesus was sinless up until His death. He took upon Himself ALL the sins of the world from then until the end of time.
Preached by Tommy Boring on January 12, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
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