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Keep Your Nets Mended
Matthew 4:17-22 (Part of the Revival 2019 series).
In verse 17 we see Jesus’ first message. It was simply repent. No religion was given, only that all should repent. The church is the fisherman. The church reach out time and time again, praying an inviting and yet we at times comes back what seems like empty handed. But, don’t be weary in doing because Jesus is on our side. Just as fishers of the day, they labored to pull their nets, hoping to have a full net. At times they had to mend their nets, so should we. We should repent and keep our nets in good shape, keep our lives clean and mended towards God. The fishers left what they knew, they stopped fishing and followed Jesus. They surrendered what they did and followed after Him like it was nothing to them to just stop what they were doing. How many times have you been fishing on the wrong side of the boat? Out there in the world looking for something to give you joy or happiness. There are many that are called to do the work of Jesus but very few are chosen. Once born again we are ALL in it together. Satan wants to destroy all of us no matter what your calling is. Have you ever noticed that when you talk to someone and then they state that someone saved them? Not a single person can save another soul. Only Jesus can save, He’s the only way, truth and life. How many times have you reasoned with God? Simply pouring your heart out to Him. Having communion with Him and not the grape juice of holy wafers communion. You can pray to God with elegant words that tickles others ears but God isn’t impressed with articulate tongues. He wants your heart the way it is now without doctoring it up. So when your nets get torn or dirty listen to that still small voice. He warns us that it needs mended. Surrender and repent to allow Him to fix your heart. Self was dealt with on Sunday night. Monday night was getting the smoke out your eyes. Tonight we are dealing with mending our nets. It’s NOT what you can do for Christ but what Christ can do for you! We often get that backwards thinking we should be doing something for Christ. Christ didn’t halfway die for you, He went all the way.
Preached by Billy Hearon on September 10, 2019 (Revival).
Do You Want To Be Revived?
Matthew 16:21-28 (Part of the Revival 2019 series).
Many a Christians are trying to find a new way of worship. We ought to be following after Christ and His will. Do you want to be revived? 1. Deny yourself. We live in a time of self. Selfies and the such prove that it’s all about self. If you’re wanting to follow Jesus you must deny yourselves. Children are suicidal, drugs, peer pressure. It’s all attacking our youths. Satan goes around and is destroying our youth. Mothers and fathers must come together with Christ to fend off the devil. Adults have a fear of sharing Jesus in their workplaces. First off, who gave you that job, you or God? 2. Take up His cross. The Christian life is NOT a life of ease. Christ walked by and seen someone that they loved. Even though we were dirty and full of sin, He wanted to help you, save you from death and Hell. Religion is NOT what He gives you, it’s salvation. Once you’ve been born again you’re indebted to Him, ALWAYS! You should have a desire to go to the house of God. If your hungry don’t you find something to eat? If you have a job don’t you push yourself to wake and go? Luke 11:35-36 God is still God! No matter where or what. Mat 5:13-16 Has there not been times when you just keep pushing something back all the while Jesus keeps saying do it or say it? We should be a reflection of Christ. Be a light for Christ. Anyone can get happy when things are going good. It’s when they are having rough times when it’s important to reflect what Christ means to you. Are you ready for revival?
Preached by Billy Hearon on September 8, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
What Jesus WILL Do
Matthew 8:1-3 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Mat 11:28 One should make a commitment to God and keep it on the Lords day. If you truly want rest you’ll have to let go of the world and come to the feet of Jesus. A lot of people are trying to find peace in the world. The things of the world will give you peace for only a short while but Jesus can give you a peace that will last forever. John 12:32 If we the saved will lift Jesus up then He will draw others to Him. Salvation will be offered to ALL people. There will be a day where Jesus will draw you, invite you to be saved. John 17:24 Jesus wants to be with you in spite of yourself. He wants you to be in Heaven with Him. Do you know for sure that you’ve been born again. John 6:44 Jesus has promised that once you leave this world, He will raise you up unto Him BUT only if you e been born again. Your body, flesh, will go to the ground. However, your soul will go to meet Jesus. Your body will remain and Jesus will give you an immortal body. John 14:3 He will return! He has gone to prepare a place just for the saved and He will return to gather HIS people so they can be with Him in that place. When you read you bible and you see the red lettered parts where Jesus spoke and you see, “I will...”, that’s a promise that will forever be kept. Nothing can change those promises.
Preached by Tommy Boring on August 25, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
There Is ONLY One Way
Matthew 7:21-23 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
It’s not Gods will that you die being lost. Regardless of what you do, say or know means nothing to salvation. Just because you call to God doesn’t mean you’re saved. We as humans are often confused about a lot of things but be not conceived about your salvation. John 13:13; anyone can call Jesus lord but one must be very careful that we know the difference between Lord and lord. There is but one thing that He’s sent for your soul. That one thing is Jesus Christ. Mat 10:25 we read the story of the virgins. One can commit yourself to a church but if you’re not saved it’s all for not. These virgins, 5 were prepared but the other 5 were not. The 5 that were not prepared begged for the other 5 to help. If they helped then those 5 would be prepared either nor could they help. They only brought enough for themselves. No matter how much the preacher would want to save you, they can not. It’s up to oneself, a choice to be saved that only matters. An apple tree produces apples, it can not produce a pear. It can’t help it cause that’s what it is. The same goes for the lost and saved. The lost can only bare works without worth. They can’t help it. The saved produces works for the kingdom of God. Luke 6:46; many call on God but do not KNOW Him thru salvation. You’re not one of His and therefore a sinner and He will not hear you. What qualifies a person to go to Heaven? Casting out devils does not grant one access. Satan himself can cast out his own devils. There are many works that are done in waste because they do not build up the kingdom. In other words, God will not recognize them. We should not be doers without listening or listening without doing. There’s not anyone that does not want you to go to Heaven. Romans 2:13; the only ones that can keep the word of God is the ones that are saved. That’s because they have been given the Word while the lost still don’t have it. If ones been truly born again then you’ll not love the old pleasures in the world. It just can’t happen because Jesus dwells inside and He will not leave. Religion can not serve you and you can not serve it because religion alone is NOT salvation. John 6:40; the will of the Father is that all that come to Jesus Christ for salvation will receive it. We live a time where most everybody owns a TV. Not every person that “preaches” is not preaching Gods Word. How do you know? Study your word, the Bible. It will show you the truth. It’s your fault if you are deceived by them because you’re clearly NOT studying His word. Your works are NOT enough to get you into Heaven. It doesn’t matter how great it was or how many times you did it, it’s NOT enough. It’s NOT enough because that’s NOT how you get to Heaven. There is only one way to go to Heaven and that’s thru Jesus Christ thru salvation. Just because you’re a Sunday school teacher, deacon, pastors wife, give to the homeless or even pray all day everyday. None of these things matter for the access into Heaven or to salvation. John 3:3; one must be born again in order to go to Heaven.
Preached by Tommy Boring on August 11, 2019 (Sunday Morning).
I Will Build My Church (Part 2 of 2)
Matthew 16:18 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
I We need to make sure that the church is His. Everything that happens is thru Him. Will Past tense. It wasn’t done yet but it WILL happen. He was stating it was going to happen. Build Something can’t be built without a builder. He is the architect of the Christian Church as we know it. Not local but globally is what He is building. My This is His. Anyone that thinks they are the controller of the church is completely wrong. It’s all about Christ. It is a possessive pronoun. He owns it! Church This not a building. This is a body of believers of Christ meeting together for one thing, worshipping Christ Himself. We find within the Bible that not only did the believers go to the temple but they met also in their homes. The gates of Hell will not prevail against His church. The church of Jesus Christ will go on. It will never stop. When a building falls apart due to satan splitting it, the Christians that went for Christ always finds another body of believers to worship with.
Preached by Tommy Boring on June 16, 2019 (Sunday Evening).
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