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Donkeys, Elephants and the Lamb
John 14:27 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
In this upcoming election we are at a turning point. No matter who me is elected our confidence is not in the elected president. We as the children of God have one thing that we must do and that's to surrender ourselves to God. It's time that the children of God to wake up! There is not a man or woman that can lead us out of the destruction the devil throws. We as the United States are already headed down a path of destruction. Neither elected presidential candidate can save us from the destruction ahead, only God can save us. We are not the most wicked nation but we are leaving the Rock that keeps us solid. God rules over the land just as He did in the beginning. The battle is not ours but the Lords. God knows every ploy of the enemy. The truth is, is that with every election is a historical election. Romans 13:1 The real power is not the president but God that rules over the presidents and the world. God has a plan to eternity and we only see a small glimpse of that. Romans 3:2-7 We should do right not wrong, murdering people outside of an abortion clinic is not the right thing to do. We should pay the taxes even though we would not agree with them. Don't be afraid or dismayed because our hope is not in the man but in God.
Preached by Tommy Boring on November 6, 2016 (Sunday Evening).
Are You "Familiar" With Christ? (Part 1 of 2)
Mark 6:1-6 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
If you're born again then you should know Jesus. You may think you might know what Jesus will do. A lot of time we think we've got it all figured out. We've got a great mission to take the Word to the community. We question why God doesn't do what we ask, it's because we are not obedient. You say you know Jesus, serve Him! He paid a sacrifice for all of us, therefore we should be thankful. Are you hindering the power of God? Do you believe He can do all things? 
Preached by Jeff Patton on February 24, 2013 (Sunday Evening).
What Has God Set Before You?
2 Chronicles 7:12-22 (Part of the 210th Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptist series).
We normally lay up "things" where we can find them later. Our world teaches us to coexist but God never made His people to coexist with anything that was evil. No other way can a person be saved other than by through Jesus Christ. God warns us that if we do not accept salvation, we will lost forever. People have chosen their own way over Christ's.
Preached by Mike Walker on October 12, 2012 (Association Morning 1).
What Are You Willing To Do?
Luke 5:17-26 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Without a vision the people will parish. It's not only about the pastor but the deacons and lay members. You have to live by Christ daily. Are you willing to put your people in a position in order for them to be before the Lord? Our job is not to judge but to bring them in by whatever needs that's necessary. If you are out of worship, you will run and you'll hide. The smallest excuse will place you in the hell just the same as the greatest of sins. Words may not get through to the them but your life that you live can. Mans plans will go to waste but Gods plans will ALWAYS happen.
Preached by Mike Walker on October 10, 2012 (Wednesday).
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